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Study abroad in United Kingdom for Pakistani students

United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations chosen by the millions of aspiring students from all over the world. Studying in the UK from Pakistan offers various opportunities and advantages due to the high-quality education system and the diverse range of courses available.UK universities are globally recognized for their high-quality education, research facilities, and teaching standards. Obtaining a degree from a UK institution can significantly enhance your career prospects.

Interesting Facts About UK

  • London is the capital of the United Kingdom.

  • The United Kingdom has a total population of 67,879,000.

  • The island of Great Britain is the biggest area of the United Kingdom

  • London is home to approximately 9 million residents.

  • More than 80% of the United Kingdom lives in England.

  • The United Kingdom is well-recognized for literature and sports throughout the world.

  • The first hostage stamp was created in the United Kingdom on May 1840 witht the picture of Queen Victoria.

  • The University of Oxford is the oldest educational institute in the United Kingdom.

  • The United Kingdom has the highest percentage of obese people in the world estimated to be 27%.

  • The United Kingdom is the fifth biggest exporter in the world.

  • There is no official religion in the United Kingdom.

International Student’s Statistics In UK

  • According to the recent statistics, a total number of 679,970 international students are enrolled in the United Kingdom.

  • During the year 2021, a rise of 12.3% was seen in the total number of international students.

  • A total number of 2,862,620 international students have been enrolled for higher education in the United Kingdom.

  • According to the latest statistics, it has been estimated that around 22.3% of international students in the United Kingdom are from China.

  • Recent statistics showed that 559,825 international students were from outside of the European countries.

  • 120,140 international students were found to be from European union countries excluding the United Kingdom.

Countries With The Highest Origin Of International Students In The United Kingdom



Number of International Students









United States


Hong Kong






Saudi Arabia


United Arab Emirates




No Of International Students In The Top UK Universities

The table below shows the list of well-known universities in the United Kingdom with an approximate number of non-European international students.


Total International Students

University College London


The University of Manchester


The University of Edinburgh


The University of Glasgow


King’s College London


Coventry University


University of Hertfordshire


University of the Arts, London


Ulster University


Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine



Education System In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has always been a popular destination when it comes to studying abroad. A large number of international students turn towards the United Kingdom for its widely popular universities providing the most quality of education. The capital of the United Kingdom, London, is considered as the hub for great higher education.

Undergraduate Degrees In UK For Pakistani Students

The United Kingdom offer a wide range of undergraduate degree programs. The degree duration is usually three to four years dependent upon the type of degree you choose. It has been estimated that 12% or 207,580 international students are enrolled in the United Kingdom for part-time undergraduate degree programs. Different well-known bachelor’s degrees in the United Kingdom are as follows.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)

  • Bachelor of Education (BEd)

  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB)

Popular Subjects For Undergraduate Studies In UK

  • To facilitate international students, below we have mentioned the highly popular subject in the United Kingdom for undergraduate studies.

  • Anthropology and Archaeology.

  • Social Sciences (Sociology, Psychology, etc.).

  • Classical History.

  • English (Literature, Linguistics, etc.).

  • Computer Science.

  • Business (Economics, Management).

  • Law.

  • Medical fields

  • Music and Arts.

  • Engineering.

  • Philosophy.

  • Sciences (Earth Sciences, Biology, Chemistry).

  • Mathematics.

  • Theology and Religion.

Diplomas And Certificate Degree Programs In UK For Pakistani Students

Some other undergraduate degree programs including diplomas and certifications are described below.

Higher National Diploma (HND)

HND is a two-year certification with a three-year option as well. However, the third year can only be accessed if the candidates successfully complete the first two years. Candidates must have an A-levels to enroll in for a higher national diploma in the United Kingdom.

Higher National Certificate (HNC)

The duration of the Higher National Certificate is one year which is also equivalent to one year of university.

Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE)

The Certificate of Higher Education helps individuals to gain much more confidence required for academic and professional life later. This certification is much more focused on academic rather than practical learning.

Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE)

The diploma of higher education is equivalent to two years of bachelor’ degree and is also equivalent to Higher National Diploma.

Certificate of Continuing Education (CertCE)

The certificate for continuing education is considered as a part time certification for international students who look forward to testing their skills.

Graduate Degree Programs In UK For Pakistani Students

Due to its quality education under the supervision of the highly qualified faculty, the United Kingdom is widely popular for graduate degree programs. The highest percentage of international students is for different postgraduate degree programs in the United Kingdom. Recent statistics show that a total of 59% or 320,160 international students have been enrolled for higher education in the postgraduate degree programs which is also the highest percentage. It is estimated that 7% or 18,630 of international students are enrolled for part-time postgraduate degree programs in the United Kingdom. There are a wide range of graduate programs for international students as mentioned below.

  • Master’s Degrees

  • Doctoral Degree

  • Postgraduate Certificate Programs

Important Subjects For Graduate Degrees In UK

Some of the well-known subjects for Graduate degree programs in the United Kingdom are listed below.

  • Ancient History

  • Philosophy

  • Anthropology

  • Theology or Religion

  • Medical fields (all types)

  • Arts (Film, music, fine art)

  • English (literature, linguistics, etc.)

  • History

  • Sciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Astronomy, etc.)

  • Law

  • Education

  • Any language

  • Social Sciences (sociology, psychology)

Popular UK Universities Offer Graduate Degrees

Some of the top institutions that offer graduate degree programs as follows.

  • University of Oxford

  • University of Cambridge

  • University of Edinburgh

  • King’s College London

  • University of Warwick

  • Durham University

  • University of Cardiff

  • Imperial College London

  • London School of Economics

  • Queen’s University Belfast

  • University of Law

  • University of Law Business School


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