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latest water management scholarships for Pakistani students tos tduy abroad


Water is the most important resource of the planet and water crisis are the worst of its kind that would hit the planet affecting all regions including that of Pakistan equally.

Need has arrived for hiring individuals that exercise measures for the sustainable development of this essential resource in organizations both government and private.

There is no better time for Pakistani students than today for getting enrolled in this field because the need is urgent in Pakistan, because amongst many corporations there is a growing awareness about water crisis and it’s after effects.


Water management degree contribution to Pakistan:

A degree in water management will help a Pakistani student in lifting the status of impact of preservation of water at many levels and in all sectors.

There is a growing pressure on industry owner to keep in check their water consumption in Pakistan in accordance with the water policy framed, therefore they need a well-trained and educated individual for this area.

Many universities offer specialization in the field of water management as climate change, global issues, water treatment, water policy, international water management and planning.


Corporations that are hiring water management degree holders in Pakistan and abroad:

There are many job opportunities for the Pakistani student who are willing to study water management as Coca Cola, North face, Estee lauder, PepsiCo etc.

In Pakistan there are many water management projects worth millions already in place like National Program for improvement of Water Courses, Water Conservation through Pressurized Irrigation Systems etc. The government in Pakistan is hiring Pakistani students who have knowledge of the field to run these projects and create more one like these.


Funded degree of water management by foreign universities:

This site provides easy access to the scholarships for Pakistani students Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarship and Leadership Program by the shanghai oxford university, common wealth scholarship, Australian award scholarship, Swedish institute scholarship and many more to study water management.



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National Scholarships at Higher Education Student Financing Board, Uganda
National Scholarships at Higher Education Student Financing Board, Uganda Undergraduate Engineering&Technology,Medical & Pharmacy,Law,Medicans,Water Management,Political Science,Livestock/Animal Science,Gas Engineering,Science,Surgery
Apply By 01 May 2020 Uganda
Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarship and Leadership Programme
Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarship and Leadership Programme Post-Graduate Agriculture & Veterinary,Economics,Environmental Sciences,Public Health,International Relations,Water Management
Apply By 24 Jan 2020 UK
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Country Wise List of Water Management Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Professor John Lovering Graduate Environmental funding for International Students in Australia
Scholarships in water management for differnt

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