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The Duolingo English Test has emerged as a popular and convenient assessment tool for individuals seeking to demonstrate their English language proficiency. Offering a flexible, adaptive, and affordable alternative to traditional language exams, this test evaluates reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through a computer-adaptive format. Its accessibility lies in its online nature, allowing test-takers to complete it from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for in-person testing centers. Here are some key features about the Duolingo English test:

  • Test Length: Without any interruption, you only need one hour to take the Duolingo English Test.

  • Computer Adaptive Test: Because the Duolingo English Test is computer adaptive, the order and level of difficulty of the questions vary with each test taker and testing session. The test differs slightly from other tests you may have taken because it is adaptive.

  • Only One Section: You won't find the same kinds of questions grouped together as in other tests. One question after the other will come up. You won't be able to predict what kind of question will be posed next.

  • Difficulty may vary: Throughout the test, the question's level of difficulty fluctuates. It is therefore normal for some questions to seem harder or easier than others.

  • Adaptive length: No specific amount of questions is required. When the grading engine is satisfied with your score, the test is over.

Duolingo English Test Fee

The fee for the Duolingo English test is around $49 USD.

Duolingo Test Structure

The Duolingo English Test is structured to assess an individual's proficiency in the English language across four key language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Here's an overview of the test structure:

Test Section 



Introduction and onboarding

5 minutes

• Make sure the microphone, speakers, and camera  on your computer are working correctly.

• Turn in your picture ID from the government.

• Examine the requirements and rules for the test.

Adaptive Test of Reading and Listening 

45 minutes

• Evaluates your English proficiency using a variety of question formats.

• Exam questions are given out at random.

• The difficulty of the question varies according to how well you do.

Writing and Speaking 

10 minutes

• You will be asked to respond in detail to a prompt.

• You have one to three minutes to respond in the Speaking Sample and three to five minutes in the Writing Sample.

How Long Results Are Valid

  • The validity of certified scores is two years.

  • The only method to send your scores is through your online account in order to safeguard both you and the validity of your test.

  • You can buy a new test if you wish to retake the exam despite receiving a certified result for any reason.

  • Please be aware that you can only buy three tests in a 30-day window.

How To Send Your Results

  • You'll get an email notification as soon as your test is certified and the results are available.

  • Access your Duolingo English Test account by logging in.

  • You can submit your official test results to any university of your choosing after logging in.

  • The section of your homepage titled "Your Tests" will display certified exams.

  • By clicking the "Send Results" button, you will be able to share each certified test result with others.

  • After that, you'll need to choose which institutions you want to receive your results by responding to a series of prompts.

  • Test results that have been certified may be sent to an infinite number of organizations.

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