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How To Apply For GMAT

For GMAT exam registration can be done through mail and phone but standby registration is not available. To get register first go on website and follow some easy steps to schedule an appointment for registration. After getting an appointment you could get registered for the exam. Before applying for registration first confirm the day and timing of exam with institute where you are interested. Registration to schedule exam for certain countries will incur taxes. 

The GMAT exam is administered worldwide in accordance with US and other local laws, where applicable. Special registration guidelines, identification rules, taxes, and privacy policies will apply in certain countries and to citizens of certain countries. 

Prove your identity:

When applying for GMAT exam, make sure that your given information including name and date of birth exactly matches with the information mentioned on you ID card or any other identification proven document. Because if there will be any difference, you will not be allowed to take the test. And before moving ahead must confirm which identity proven document is needed in your country.

Parental authorization

A consent from parent or legal guardian will be required if your age is between 13 and 17. That authorization form will show parental permission for the exam.

GMAT Terms and Conditions

To get register with GMAT you will be required to agree with all terms and conditions of GMAT.  ALL terms and conditions and mentioned in GMAT Handbook  includes the information about how to get register?, Scoring information, Cancelation of scores, exam patterns, which identity proven document is required for specific country.

GMAT Test Centers in Pakistan

There are three local offices that conduct the GMAT in Pakistan:


Karachi (8781)

Islamabad (8782)

Lahore (8783)

Global Education Foundation, Prometric Testing Center, Suite No. 217, 2nd floor, Plot No. G7, Block 9, The Plaza, Scheme No. 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan

United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP), Prometric Testing Center, House 16, Street 84, G-6/4, Ataturk Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan

Lahore University of Management Science, Prometric Testing Center, Opposite Sector, U.L.C.C.H.S., Lahore Cant., Lahore, Pakistan



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