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France Student Visa


This visa page is outdated.

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Any applicant other than EU needs a student visa. One can get the visa via consulate or via college/university. The college/university is and online portal is in complete access of the French consulate. The government guides completely the students from choosing the university/college till getting the visa, with the help of this online portal. Government of French is now providing Residence permit to the students for their convenience. Students had to get themselves registered to the Immigration within 30 days of their arrival to France. This process will undertake the students from medical examination to validate visa.

Required Documents

Candidate Complete the College/ university application procedures before starting the visa application procedures. In order to apply for admission at any campus in France you had to apply by two ways. Your College/university application is not complete until you have;

  1. Completed your online College/university form:
  2. In this step you had to go to the university site and fill up an admission form. It must be kept in mind that the information provided must be genuine and complete.
  3. Mailed College/university your physical file:

In this step the applicant had to send a completely filled up application from attached with recent photograph, copy of academic record along with a photocopy of money order paid to the college in regard to the admission fee.

Both the application form should contain the same information for a single applicant.Once College/university has reviewed your online and physical application documents and found them to be complete, you will receive a confirmation email – which starts with “Your College/university file has been processed” print out the following document from the email received

  1. Confirmation Mail
  2. The proof of bank draft  that you had paid and should have received earlier in the process

These documents are one of the many required by the French consulate, for processing your visa.
There is a list of documents required for the processing of visa you had to take these documents with you while going to meet a representative at French Consulate at your country. All the documents must be Genuine and valid.

  1. Photocopy of Passport: 

Which should be with a validity of almost 1 year

  1. Photocopy of Police Certificate: 

Showing the good moral character while stay in the home country  

  1. Photocopy of Bank Certificate:  
  2. Photocopy of Academic Documents:  
  3. Photographs:  Four (4) Passports sized.
  4. Bank statement.

Showing that the candidate have enough amount in his account to help him in his living while his stay in France.

  1. Approval letter form the college/university.
  2. Medical certificate.

Showing the complete good health of the candidate.

  1. University approval letter.

Showing that the student is allowed ot study in French educational institute

  1. Copy of confirmation Email
  2. Copy of payment you had done to the college as your college fee.

How to appply

It is an important fact to be kept in mind that the campus application you filled online is in complete access to the visa authorities and there is any fault or lie found there, it will result in drop of your visa application.

You must plan a personal meeting with you assigned consulate via its official website. The visa appointment should be 90 days before the departure to France. The website is a complete guide telling you the list of documents required for your meeting with the consulate. The applicant had to appear by himself for the interview. He will have to pay the visa processing fee in dollars. Which vary depending on the current dollar exchange rate.

Following are the major step to be taken while applying for a visa to study in France:

  1. Filling up the complete online admission form
  2. Sending the application form to the university in hard copy
  3. Applying at French consulate.

The application form must have been completely filled up with the genuine information and complied with the entire necessary document required for the visa processing. These documents are mentioned in the documents required section in detail.

Visa Details


The visa processing fee for single entry to France is around PKR.6030. The figure may vary as per change in rule and regulations. The applicant had to pay the amount in Dollars.


The visa procedure takes about 12 to 15 days for a normal and hassle free processing but may vary if the application form is incomplete in providing information of lack of documents required for processing.

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