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Sweden Student Visa


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Sweden is one of the best leading countries for the international students around the globe. It had recently opened his doors for international students. Sweden is  the birth place of world’s most prestigious awards like Nobel Prize. Along with such best options given to the students there are a large number of courses offered for the students form other country which are taught in English.

At both bachelor and master level the courses are taught in English as basic mode of education. With all this regard the country is thought to be one of the expensive countries around the globe. In terms of food accommodation and other living it is much high in rate while comparing to that for studies it is one of the most economical country.

Students who are willing to study in any discipline in any university or college in Sweden must have a legal permission for the government of Sweden for their stay in Sweden while they are completing their course. The applicant must have clear background; he must have been in good health as well as have met all the requirements for visa.

The applicant willing to go Sweden on student visa must have a registered place in any university or college in Sweden where he could stay and study in a clearly mentioned course.

Required Documents

While applying for a student visa you must have arranged all the documents listed below in order to have a successful visa application:

  1. Completely signed  visa application  form
  2. receipt of payment  application fee
  3. Passport or any valid document.
    That must be:
    - minimum valid for at three months after completing your stay.
    - Must have at least two empty pages
    - should be issued in the time period of past ten years.
  4. Two photographs (passport sized), not older than six months.
  5. Medical certificate: including medical insurance certificate.
  6. Amount of Money that is  enough for your stay while studying in Sweden(this amount vary according to your living style)
  7. air ticket  to Sweden (photocopy )

There are documents other than above mentioned that depend according to the visa type the applicant is applying for. In this regard for students visa the following will be required:

  1. Swedish university college admission letter.
  2. Bank Statement. 
  3. Passports pages (copied ) showing your personal data and the validity of the passport
  4. Your country domicile.
  5. 2 recent passport photographs
    2 copies of the passport (validity minimum 6 months)
  6. Approval letter of studies from the University in Sweden with  copy
  7. Copies of educational certificates; university/college/high school etc (attested by the Foreign Ministry)
  8. 1  copy of sponsor letter
  9. 2 copies of the Bank statements
  10. Health insurance of students

How to appply

Students who are from outside the EU must have to apply for a student’s visa in order to have a hazel free study in Sweden. The visa or resident permit depends on the time of study in Sweden. If the students had applied in course of more than three month duration than he must have to apply for a visa at Swedish consulate. The best way to get visa or residence permit it to contact the Swedish consulate to get you registered for the visa. Students have to show their eligibility for the course as well as financial eligibly to stay and support his living in Sweden.

For getting students visa for Sweden the students must have to enroll themselves in any registered school/college. After getting the approval of admission the applicant had to apply for the visa processing in the Swedish Embassy or consulate located in their home country.

It is advised to all students who have been accepted by a Swedish University to apply for your visas as early as possibleThere is a rush of student visa applications each year before the semester of autumn. All the applicant should be known of the fact that the visa decisions can take time as they are taken by the Swedish Migration Authority in Sweden, not the Embassy. There is limitation in accepting the application in the semester of June and July.

Visa Details


The visa processing fee is almost 30$ for a single entry and is revised annually.


Generally the applications are decided in 15 working days, but due to certain circumstances in it could take up to a month for the final decision to reach the applicant. 

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