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How Can Pakistani Students to Get Permanent Residency of Sweden Post Study?

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Sweden is an excellent study abroad destination for Pakistani students seeking best quality education and global exposure. Swedish higher education institutes have worldwide degrees recognition and they follow the Bologna process of education for quality assurance and maintenance of international standards of education. The Swedish universities have been ranked at top places by world’s best universities’ lists like QS and Times. The student life in Sweden is vibrant and adventurous, the culture is diverse, you have chance to meet international students from all over the world and be taught by cultivated faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. The pathway to resident permit of Sweden for Pakistani students after completion of their study programme from Swedish universities is explained here:

Post Study Work Visa

After completing studies from Swedish higher education institutes Pakistani students can apply for student resident permit extension for job search or for finding possibilities to start their own business. The student resident permit visa extension must be applied while you are still in Sweden. The requirements to attain student sweden resident permit visa extension are:

  • You must be still in Sweden while applying for visa extension. The application will be rejected if you had left Sweden after completion of your studies.

  • You must have valid passport for the extension duration of visa you are applying for.

  • The student resident permit for university or college education you have had must be of at least two terms duration. (Meaning your student resident permit for higher education must be of at least 12 months duration).

  • The student resident permit you have had before must be for university or college level education

  • You must have completed your studies, meaning you must have passed your post graduate study course.

  • You have a plan to seek employing during extension duration or plan to search for business startup possibilities.

  • You must have enough finances to support your living expenses during your visa extension period at least SEK 8,370 per month.

  • You must have a comprehensive health insurance policy.

  • The student resident permit will be of six months duration.

  • You will apply for visa extension before your previous student resident permit of Sweden expires.

  • You will apply for resident permit extension online at immigration website of Swedish Government. You will have to pay fee for visa extension as well which is refundable.

Required Documents

  • Valid Passport

  • Proof of Finances (Latest bank statement proving you can afford living expenses of at least SEK 8,370 per month)

  • Proof of accommodation (your current residence in Sweden address)

  • Academic Documents

  • A letter from your university or college in Sweden proving that you have at least two semesters there.

  • A certificate from your research instructor (for doctoral course students)

  • Proof of health care insurance for your duration of stay in visa extension.

Note: If your application for student resident permits extension gets approval, your resident permit will be sent at your home address. You can do work during this 6 months duration until the validity of visa extension. If in this period you found a permanent employment you can apply for Swedish Work Permit.

How to Apply for Work Permit in Sweden?

After finding an employment from Sweden you will fulfill following requirements to get work permit.

  • You must have resident permit extension visa for job search.

  •  Your resident permit extension visa must be valid by the time of applying for work permit.

  • You must have completed at least 30 credits from university or college in Sweden or one semester in post graduate level studies.

  • You must be in Sweden.

  • You must have valid Passport

  • You have been offered a permanent job position that is according to rules set by Swedish collective agreements or which are customary within the occupation or industry.

  • The salary offered to you by employer must be set by Swedish collective agreements or which is customary within the occupation or industry.

  • The salary offered to you by employer must be at least of SEK 13,000 per month before taxes

  • Your employer must offer you health insurance coverage allowance, life insurance coverage allowance and pension plans.

  • The aforementioned requirements are for one job,. You cannot do two or more jobs at once.

  • The employer offering you job will apply for work permit on your behalf.

Required Documents

  • Formal Offer of Employment letter

  • Academic certificates

  • A letter from your university or college in Sweden proving that you have at least two semesters there.

  • Valid passport

  • The application for work permit will be submitted at migration agency, the work permit will be valid until your employment contract.

Note: If the migration agency grants you work permit, you have permission to invite your family to live with you in Sweden after fulfilling necessary requirements of documents.

How to Apply for Permanent Residence Visa of Sweden?

Any foreign national who has lived in Sweden for 5 years continuously on legal resident permit can apply for long term resident permit or permanent resident permit. The requirements to get permanent resident permit are as follows:

  • You must have lived in Sweden for last five years.

  • You must had held resident permit /work permit during the duration of these 5 years

  • You must be able to prove that you have means of living to support yourself and your family.

  • The duration of studies is not countable in this 5 year resident permit requirement.

Documents Requirements

  • Photocopy of valid passport

  • Proof of legal resident permits for past 5 years.

  • Proof you had supported your family and yourself (Employment contracts, salary receipts and your bank assets statement)

  • Your permanent resident permit has validity of indefinite duration for as long as you are willing to stay in Sweden.

  • Your permanent resident permit will be cancelled if you stay outside Sweden for longer than 6 months duration continuously.

  • If you have not been granted permanent resident permit, you can appeal for decision approval within three weeks of its earlier rejection.

Note: The permanent resident permit card holders are allowed to live anywhere in Sweden and travel outside Europe. You can travel to other Schegen states visa free. The pr card holder can change jobs without requiring work permit and change address after informing migration agency. The pr resident card holders have right to take advantage of public facilities such as free education and public hospitals as Swedish citizens but they do not have right to vote.

How to Apply for Swedish Citizenship?

If you have lived in Sweden for several years to be counted as habitual residence continuously, you can apply for Swedish Citizenship. To apply for Swedish Citizenship, you must fulfill following requirements:

  • You must be 18 years of age at least

  • You must have valid resident permit

  • You must lived in Sweden for several years to be counted as habitual residence

  • You must have valid permanent resident permit card and proof of previous resident permit cards to show your legal stay in Sweden

  • You must have maintained good character while your stay in Sweden and followed rules as responsible citizen.

  • Proof of accommodation(It should be large enough for living of all your family members)

  • Documents proving your means of income

  • You must be able to prove your identity

  • You will submit required documents online at migration agency of Sweden’s website by creating a count.

  • For each of your family member, visa fee will be taken. You can survey migration agency of Sweden website for details.

  • If granted Swedish citizenship, you can vote and have access to all government provided facilities of health care and free education. You can travel visa free to other Schengen states.


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