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Australian Student Visa Process and Financial Requirements Guideline 2020

To apply for any institute in the foreign country the visa guidelines should be considered carefully so students can start their preparation of going abroad to continue their studies in their selected institute. If you have applied to any university in Australia, you must know the visa policies issued by the government of Australia. Every country has different visa policies according to their requirement. You have to prepare a lot of things before applying for the visa. Your academic records matter a lot so just get ready for your desired documents so that you can start the process of visa application. Australia has also issued the visa guidelines for Pakistani students.


Confirmation of Enrolment

The first requirement for Pakistani students is to apply for an Australian visa must have a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from the institute where you have chosen for the study. The purpose of this letter is to have the confirmation of your institution in the institute of Australia. Your desired course of selection must be registered to continue the process of visa application.


Genuine temporary entrance

 The purpose of this to show the staying period of the applicant that either the person is staying temporary or for a longer time. This shows the intention of your period of stay. You can stay only for the selected time that you have chosen in the visa application.

The applicant has to write the statement to show his/her ability to have an Australian visa. After submitting the statement, this is counterchecked by Australian officials to test the integrity. Then they will decide the visa issuance to the applicant. Your data will be assessed to allow the officials to start your visa issuance process. This study abroad has facilitated the students applying for the Australian visa 2020 by providing the proper guidelines. In case you want permanent residency in Australia you must mention your interest.


how Pakistani students can apply the Australian student visa


Financial Requirement

For applying for the student visa of Australia 2020, the applicant must have sufficient money so that the person can meet the study requirement. The bank statement should be provided that acts as proof of your money that is essential to fulfilling your educational expenditures. The amount of money required usually depends on the selected course of study. If the applicant has not enough money, he/she will not be considered eligible to apply for a visa.


English proficiency requirement

The most important requirement to apply for an Australian visa is to have a clear English proficiency test. This includes many types of tests such as IELTS, TOFEL and sometimes SAT. These tests need to be cleared so that Pakistani students can apply for an Australian visa. For the preparation of the proficiency test visit study abroad.


Character Certificate

The most important requirement to apply for an Australian visa is to have a character certificate. This certificate is considered as proof that the applicant is not involved in any case of criminal activities. The certificate is confirmed by the police officials of the related country so they can post the stamp on the paper of the applicant considering the person innocent. You must have a verified character certificate to apply for the visa of Australia 2020.


Health requirement

The health certificate should be certified by the doctor so that you can apply for a visa without any problem. This certificate is a very significant requirement, without it you will not be able to continue the process of visa application. The condition of your health matters a lot. You must be declared physically and mentally normal to be eligible for an Australian student visa 2020.


Australian embassy

The Australian embassy must be approached to have further guidelines for the student the applicant can apply for the Australian visa 2020  for Pakistani students without any hurdle.

After fulfilling all the above mentioned requirements, your visa will be approved. So pack your luggage and be prepare to travel to Australia.

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