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Chance to Win 15-225 Million- Rs by HEC Grant Challenge Fund for Pakistani Students in 2020

One of the biggest initiatives by the Pakistani government is the creation of grant challenge fund for Pakistani students in 2020.

The funding of the research projects in Pakistan has been tiresome and very less and therefore the Pakistani PhD students have suffered a lot. But now the responsibility for the development of higher education in Pakistan has been taken up by HEC itself. For the promotion of research in Pakistan to match the standards of foreign countries.

The Pakistani student required to submit their research proposals and they will have to face competition and after evaluation the most deserving would be awarded with the grant challenge fund 2020.

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HEC funding for PhD Pakistani students will be provided with the most deserving and latest research activities that enhance the postgraduate Pakistani student study and training and therefore accelerate the research products and will have a social impact on Pakistan.


Themes of the grant challenge fund by HEC 2020 are as follows

  1. The management of water and its sustainability in Pakistan- Since it has become quite evident among the masses of Pakistan that the nation is struggling with water crisis therefore the need of such project is of keen importance in Pakistan.

  2. Planning of urban Pakistan- low cost housing and easy mobility and transportation should be the focus of such research projects. Many things affect the urban life as conjunction disposal of waste sanitation law and order as well.

  3.  Food security - in order to enhance the agricultural productivity in Pakistan that would not disturb the ecological order should be the focus of research projects and this thing.

  4. Development of economics in Pakistan - Pakistan is undergoing great changes in relation to economics now the government supporting the economic development in the region as CPEC. The model to create economic corridor for Pakistan should be the center of research projects under this category.

  5. Development of sustainable sources of energy in Pakistan - every other country in the world is looking for alternative for the fossil fuels Pakistan does not want to be left out therefore they want a PhD scholars in Pakistan for grant 2020 to research on the subject.

  6. Unconventional reforms and governance methods for Pakistan - the increase of transparency has been a Focal point for the new governments but little has been done in practicality. The research projects in relation to reforms that would bring the government of Pakistan closer its citizens is a need of the hour.

  7. Changes in climate and environment - the biggest challenge the world is facing today is climate change and its impact. The Pakistani researchers should be able to provide solution to the Day to day problems that the people of Pakistan are facing due to pollution.

  8. Philosophy and sociology- this theme focuses on the reservation of Pakistan's culture heritage and intellectual treasure. The Pakistani culture is the legacy that we pass on from one generation to another therefore its preservation is our very own responsibility.

  9. Telecom and it in Pakistan- for IT the new feels like artificial intelligence cyber security big data and those that focus on the masses as big data are themes for the grant fund 2020 in Pakistan. For telecom the themes are put into practice 5G and other communication systems and the various methods to overcome the factors that hinder the accessibility of technology in Pakistan.


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hec fund for Pakistani students 2020


Eligibility criteria for the HEC grant fund Pakistan 2020

  • The research team for the project can be asked I was as possible the team members are not required to be belonging to the same University.

  • The lead research is required to be e a faculty member of Pakistani University that encourages research.

  • If the research team has international collaborations they would be welcomed as such collaborations at value to the research plan.


How to apply for the PhD Research fund in Pakistan in 2020


In order to apply for or the grant challenge fund the applications will open on the HEC online portal.

The proposals would be accepted in two stages

1. General overview of the research project

2. Detailed proposal submission of the research project.


Application procedure for the HEC research project fund Pakistan 2020

  • The applications will be reviewed by the overview provided

  • The projects will be evaluated completely after the detailed proposal is being submitted

  • Expert panel will shortlist the proposals on the basis of the presentations.


Benefits of the HEC grant fund for PhD researches in Pakistan.

  • The value of the HEC grant in Pakistan is Rs 15-225 million. The maximum duration of the project is about 3 years. The HEC funding in Pakistan can be used for the following purposes.

  • Stipend money for or the Pakistani bachelor's doctoral and masters scholars who have proposed research project.

  • HEC travel grant for the researchers to travel for national and international meet ups.

  • The purchase of all the necessary research supplies.

  • Free for publishing the research in foreign journals.

  • Salaries for the various principal and investigators or researchers.

  • A part of the HEC grant fund Pakistan will be dedicated to the investment in in the problem that has been solved by the researchers.


Applications for the HEC grant fund Pakistan 2020 have opened on 6 January

The deadline for the submission of overview of the research project to HEC is 7th February 2020.


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