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China Limits English-taught MBBS programs To Only 45 Universities for Foreign Students

China limits English-taught MBBS programs to only 45 authorized universities. However, the universities do not come under the authorized list will be allowed to offer enrolment to foreign students in the Chinese language MBBS program.

Why China Authorized 45 Universities to Offer English-taught MBBS program

The Ministry Of Education, MOE China has declared that in order to increase the number of enrolment of foreign students in Chinese medical colleges, MOE has authorized 45 universities to offer English-taught MBBS programs for 2019-20 academic year. The MOE has also revealed that this step has taken to offer quality education to overseas students.

In an official statement, the MOE said that the universities that are not under the authorized list will not be able to enroll students for English-taught MBBS programs and it is clarified that the bilingual (Chinese/English) MBBS program is strictly prohibited to teach in China. 

The following is the list of the authorized 45 universities for English-taught MBBS program:

1. Jilin University

2. Chinese Medical University

3. Dalian Medical University

4. Capital Medical University

5. Tianjin Medical University

6. Shandong Medical University

7. Fudan University

8. Xinjiang Medical University

9. Nanjing Medical University

10. Jiangsu University

11. Wenzhou Medical University

12. Zhejiang University

13. Wuhan University

14. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

15. Xi an Jiaotong University

16. Southern Medical University

17. Jinan University


18. Guangxi Medical University

19. Sichuan University

20. Chongqing Medical University

21. Harbin Medical University

22. Beihua University

23. Jinzhou Medical University

24. Qingdao University

25. Hebei Medical University

26. Ningxia Medical University

27. Tongji University

28. Shihezi University

29. Southeast University

30. Yangzhou University

31. Nantong University

32. Suzhou University

33. Ningbo University

34. Fujian Medical University

35. Anhui Medical University

36. Xuzhou Medical University

37. China Three Gorges University

38. Zhengzhou University

39. Guangzhou Medical University

40. Sun Yat-sen University

41. Shantou University

42. Kunming Medical University

43. North Sichuan Medical College

44. Southwest Medical University

45. Xiamen University





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