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Studying in China from Pakistan offers a unique opportunity to experience a rich blend of ancient traditions and modern education. With an array of programs, affordable tuition, and cultural diversity, Chinese universities provide a valuable international academic experience.

If stats are to believe, the future of China is certainly promising and secure. Most importantly, freshly graduated students from China are highly preferred by recruiters because they have lived and studied among world’s hardest working nation and they have managed to live in challenging and fast pacing life style of China. Those who are considering to study in China as an international student can understand the general requirements of study abroad in China in the following guide:


Admissions Requirements of Chinese Universities for Pakistani Students 

Chinese universities offer English taught and Chinese taught study programmes and the admission requirements of each of the university will be different from another.

The academic level and study program you choose will have exclusive requirements. In general, the admission requirements of each of study program in Chinese universities include age limit, academic requirements, language proficiency, entrance examinations and minimum grades requirements.

(Read Admission Requirements in China Article for Details)

  • For admission in under graduate program the applicant must be under 25 years of age, hold a high school diploma in good grades from a renowned institution of his country, your chosen university in China will take assessment examination for admission (depends on the university’s rules).

  • For admission in post graduate Masters the applicant must be under 35 years of age, hold a Bachelors degree in good grades from recognized institution of his country, entrance examination will be taken, recommendation letters from two of applicant’s professors will be required.

  • For admission in post graduate PhD program the applicant must be underv40 years of age, hold a Masters degree in good grades from renowned institution of his country, entrance examination will be taken, research proposal and recommendation letters will be required.


For Pakistani Students Visa Requirements Of China

You will receive an offer letter after having fulfilled the admission requirements and securing a seat in Chinese University. The next step is to visit Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country nearest to you and attain student visa of China information first hand.

You will receive a student visa application and list of required documents to submit along with application at the Embassy. There are two student visa types based on the duration of your study program. The X1 visa is for study programmes longer than 6 months and X2 visa for study programmes lesser than 6 months duration.

The applicant will pay 600 USD fee for visa application and submit following documents:

  • Valid Passport

  • Offer Letter of Hosting Chinese University

  • Medical Examination Certificate

  • Language Proficiency Test Certificate

  • Completed Visa Application

You must apply for student visa and submit the visa application and required documents one month before your study program commences in China. You can expect your student visa process to be completed within a week or two. Upon arriving in China, within 30 days you will apply for temporary resident permit of China which will remain valid till your study program duration. You will apply for temporary resident permit at local Public Security Bureau (PBS).


Permanent Residency Of China Requirements For Pakistani Students 

The pathway to permanent residency of China begins with points based immigration system. Post graduation from China the students can apply for Tier A, Tier B or Tier C visa each having different qualification and professional requirements and visa validity.

The PhD degree holders get 20 points, Masters Degree holders 15 and Bachelors degree holders 10, three to six months of work experience in China has 5 points, six to nine months 10 points and over nine months 15 points. For 18 to 25 years age 10 points, 26 to 45 years age 15 points and 46 to 55 10 points.

There are extra 5 points for qualification gained from world recognized institute. After gaining any of TIER visa type you can have working experience in China and apply for permanent residency of China or D type visa after 5 years of residing in China.

The permanent residency visa allows candidate to live in China for 10 years more and independence to exit and enter the country whenever they want and also invite their family to live with them in China.

(Read Permanent Residency of China Article for Details)


Study And Living Expenses In China VS Pakistan

China’s affordable living and study expenses are the main reason behind its popularity among international students.

The cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are expensive than others but top ranking universities of China are located there. A student can expect his/her monthly expenses of living in Beijing to be around 1,000 to 1,200 USD and in Shanghai it will be around 850 to 1,200 USD.

In rural areas and less popular cities of China your monthly expenses may range between 600 – 1,000 USD.


Study Expenses:

On average, (for English taught Study Programmes) the under graduate programme fee in public universities of China will cost 2200-5000 USD/year.

For post graduate Masters Programme the tuition fee in public universities will be 2500-6000 USD /year. For post graduate PhD Programme fee will range between 3000-7000 USD/year.

The tuition fee in Chinese private universities and branch campuses of international universities will be higher than public universities.

The average tuition fee for a full time study program will start from 8,000 USD/year to 15,000 USD/year.


Living Expenses:

The rent of accommodation depends on the city and area you choose to live in China. Halls of residence are the cheap cost option and off campus residency will be costly and the bills will not be included in the monthly rents. On average you can expect the monthly rent of halls of residence to be around 150 USD per month and rent of a private flat to be around 550 USD per month.



In China, the food expenses are quite affordable. A basic menu meal in a restaurant for one person will cost 3.71 USD. In fast food restaurants like McDonalds lunch for one person will cost 4.75 USD.  Other edible beverages costs are as such: Coca Cola bottle: 0.49 USD, 1.5 liter water bottle: 0.31 USD, 1 liter milk bottle: 1.88 USD, A loaf of fresh bread (White): 1.60 USD, 1 kg rice: 1.03 USD, dozen eggs: 1.79 USD, 1 kg local cheese: 12.85 USD, 1 kg boneless chicken meat: 3.78 USD, 1 kg beef meat: 10.01 USD and 1 kg of apples: 1.76 USD.



If you live nearby you university campus or on campus residence, you can save transportation cost. A monthly pass of local transport: 17.82 USD.


MBBS in China from Pakistan Guideline:

To know how you can study MBBS in china Colleges from pakistan read the following china guideline, you can also fild the medical and MBBS scholarships in China here.


Part Time Wok and Post Graduation Work Opportunities in China for Pakistani Students


Part Time Jobs in China

An international student has to seek permission to work part time in China from its hosting institution and immigration department. After getting approval to work part time the local police station will mark your resident permit with permission stamp and you will be legally allowed to work 20 hours a week in semesters and during semester holidays you can work full time. Chinese Government and Universities in corporation with industries and companies are running many internship programmes which will pay you and give you experience of work. If not there are many other options such as:

  • Teaching English 100RMB to 200RMB per hour

  • Translator $28/hr (German to English, French to English, Hindi to English)

  •  Voice Recording $40 to $60 USD per hour (reading lines in English for commercials etc)

  • Photographer $12 per hour

  • Graphic designing $52 per gig

  • Hotel/Café/Restaurant Attendant $9 USD to $10 USD per hour


Post Graduation Jobs in China

Getting job is easy for the graduates who have attained degree with subject major related such sectors which require immediate work force and are developing in China. These sectors are:

  • Banking and financial services

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Sales and marketing

  • Technology

  • E- Commerce marketing

  • Automotive and Operations

Most importantly, experience of work in China is highly preferred by recruiters in China. For that students can enroll in internship and traineeship programmes in China post graduation or during last semester of their study programme so that they can enter the job market of China right after completing their degrees.


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