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Covid-19 Restrictions Result In 50% Drop Of International Students In Australia

If the border would remain close, Australia predicts to lose half of its international students community by the mid of 2021, revealed by one of the leading educational think tanks in Australia. Two papers have released by Peter Hurley from Mitchell Institute, a part of Victoria University. The papers are forecasting the impacts of the coronavirus on the international education sector and the broader economy. However, the papers also show the policy recommendations to bring a recovery in the international education sector.


Loss Of International Students Community 

The predictions are revealing that until the mid of 2021 almost 300,000 international students will be found in Australia that is almost a 50% drop, from the previous records, because of the borders restrictions. However, the drop rate can be increased if the borders will remain close for a longer period.  

The predictions have also revealed that if the borders would remain close until 2022, we would only find 165,000 international students in Australia. As a result, Australia will face a reduction of over 410,000 international students as compared to the October 2019 statistics. Hurley also reveals that Australia is facing a dual problem that fewer international students are leaving Australia along with the currently residing international students in Australia. A report also shows that the recovery rate will be slow in the case of international student visas’ applications that is 80 to 90 percent below the rate calculated at the same time in 2019.

Hurley also warns that the crisis in the educational sector will cause a 57% loss of annual revenue rate that is 21.4 billion AUD. However, the normal annual revenue associated with international education coming from goods and services is recorded as 37.5 billion.


Australia As Study Abroad Destination

It has revealed that from almost 199 countries international students move to Australia. The data shows that international students are an integral part of Australian communities. International students in Australia are also considered as future Australians. The idea of this statement can easily be taken from the fact that every year almost 13,000 to 30,000 international students convert their study permits to Australia’s residence permit.

Hurley suggests taking extraordinary measures to complete the extraordinary impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. He advised investigating the ways to ensure a quick recovery in the rate of the international students’ enrolment to the Australian universities. He suggested many other precautions and extraordinary measures that should be taken to recover the international education sector in Australia that is completely going down because of the borders and other restrictions to the international students.

Australia has always been a favorite study abroad destination. The idea of this thing can be concluded from the fact that the existence of international students from over 199 countries is calculated in Australia. However, if the borders’ restrictions due to Covid-19 will decrease consequently the number of international students will be increased in Australia. For further consultancy regarding study opportunities in Australia, students can freely contact our experts to assess their visions.


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