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F 1 Visa Interview Tips for Pakistani Students

The F 1 visa is a type of non - immigrant interview visa that is provided to international students for education purposes. The Pakistani students is required to first apply in various universities  of United States of America , receive acceptance and get a form I 20 to be eligible to apply for this student visa for United States of America.

Visa interview tips for Pakistani students

The F 1 visa interview tips are –

  1. The Pakistani student must not approach this in a similar way as a job interview. The students is required to convince the officer that their purpose is solely, receiving education in USA.  The student must avoid all sorts of words as job, Career, work and employment etc.

The F1 visa interview is very brief, the officers are trained to differ the immigrant from the actual student. The Pakistani student must clearly define their disinterest in working in United States of America.

The student must make sure to clear that he won’t engage in any sort of work.

  1. The student is required to show all admits, rather than just one because the more admits the students have more are the chances that their visa interview will be short.

The Pakistani student must apply for more than one university so that their acceptance letters from the various universities will aid them acquiring the F 1 visa.

If the Pakistani students has been accepted by a top university in United States of America then their interview is more likely to be precise and easy.

  1. The student must clearly define their financial ability to study in USA. The Pakistani student must be able to manage their expenses, so that they do not have to resort to any kind of employment. The cost of living in USA is 1000 $ per month. The study must report that they have a sponsor.

  2. The Pakistani student who has a scholarship in their will also be benefitted, the student must apply for all sorts of scholarships in USA. This would assure the visa officer that the student has more financial support.

  3. The visa officer is not interested in the Pakistani student’s career path but rather interested in what the student will do upon completion of their Study program. The Pakistani student must prepare for deciphering the plan that they have sketched out.

  4. The Pakistani student must mention that they would return to Pakistan even though the officer has not asked for it, the other thing the international student must not forget is that , the officers are trained to detect lies, so speak the truth not just enact. The student must categorically mention their potential future plans.

  5. The student must hand over only the necessary documentation or the documents the officer has asked for.

  6. The Pakistani student who have no financial support its mandatory to carry all the documents that assure that there is no need for the student to work in order to fund their studies as educational bank loan receipts etc.

The student must no panic and be confident while giving the interview and also they must show much desperation to study in USA. The student must practice the USA visa interview questions as much as possible. It’s not necessary to dress up just wear your confidence well.


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