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German Government Has Decreased The Limit Of Stay For German Citizenship After Graduation

Germany’s Parliament has announced a new law of citizenship on 19th January 2024 that significantly put an ease in naturalization pathways. There are a lot of reasons including financial status and family issues, insisting foreign nationals to move permanently out of their country. For those foreign people, Germany is always an utmost country to study and relocate. For those having professional degree, recent changes in citizenship and skilled immigration act making it more easy to find work in Germany.

A recent estimate of government declared, there are almost 12 million foreign people (14% of Germany’s population) does not have German citizenship and about 5.3 million of them still living in Germany from last 10 years. After being lived and worked in Germany for at least 10 years, foreign national still unable to participate in German democracy just because of lack of citizenship.  

Objectives To Change Citizenship Policy

  • To bring the country in line with other European states like France and to make country more attractive for foreign nationals, German government has changed the citizenship rules and ease the path of being naturalization.

  • According to this new law if it is implemented, it will allow foreign nationals to apply for German citizenship after five years of residency there. Let me clear that current requirement for German citizenship application is eight years.

  • This is not the single change made in German immigration act but there is another, now you can enjoy dual nationality with German. Remember before its implementation, foreign nationals have to deny from previous nationality of home country to get German citizenship.  This new law is possible to come into force in May 2024. Have a look at the brief summary of proposed law mentioned below:

Proposed Changes Regarding Duration Of Stay For German Citizenship

Recent changes in duration of stay will reduce it to five years from eight for German citizenship application. The aim of this change is to make naturalization process easy and allowing eligible residents to get citizenship sooner to take part in German democracy for development and integration within German society.

  • There is a notable reduction in getting German citizenship from eight to five years.

  • Individuals with special achievements in German universities, training and work with excellent German language skills will be able to apply for citizenship sooner. These exceptional cases will be able to get citizenship within 3 years instead of 5.

  • If a person living legally in Germany from 5 years before the birth of a child. Children born in Germany will get German citizenship automatically.

Changes Proposed To Dual Citizenship

New law brings a groundbreaking change of acceptance of multiple citizenship. This change will significantly affect the international applicants (non-EU nationals) as it will allow them to get German citizenship without a cut off to their home country. Before this, dual citizenship was only allowed to European nationals, but this change will make dual citizenship more accessible to non-European individuals. This new citizenship law will also allow international individuals to get another country’s nationality without losing their association with Germany. Here is an overview of proposed changes statements

  • Foreigners with a wish of getting German citizenship will no more need to renounce original citizenship.

  • German nationals having a wish to get another country’s citizenship will be able to retain their German’s citizenship.

  • Individuals who work full time and able to secure living expense can apply for German citizenship after 3 years of residency in Germany instead of five years.

Individuals Who Are Unable To Get German Citizenship

  • Individuals will no longer be able to hold German citizenship if they are married more than one partner.

  • Individuals with certain criminal convictions will also be denied from German citizenship.


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