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Study abroad in Germany for Pakistani students

step by step updated guide for Pakistani students to stduy in Germany

Interesting Facts About Germany

Here are some interesting facts about Germany

  • Germany is a member of European Union
  • It is the 7th largest country in Europe
  • 1/3 of Germany is covered in forests
  • Public German universities offer free/ affordable tuition fee except administrative fee
  • Compared to Paris, Berlin is 9 times bigger and has 1700 bridges that are more than in Venice
  • Germany shared border with 9 other countries
  • Germany ranked 4th in economy after US, China and Japan
  • Germany is known as world’s leading book nation and publishing around 94,000 books every year
  • Official language is German
  • Germany has more number of football fan clubs than anywhere else
  • The origin of Christmas tree tradition is Germany 

Germany As Study Abroad Destination 

Germany is the most preferred study abroad destination in Europe. This country host millions of international students every year and offers the latest scientific and research based study courses to both local and international students. It is the most picked study destination after America and UK. In fact, Germany is ranked in the top best places to study abroad. In German institutions students enjoy a comprehensive academic and social atmosphere.

As per latest data 2022, there are more than 400,000 international students enrolled in German universities for higher education. Exact number of enrolled international students in higher education sector is 440, 564.  Most of the international students are from the China, India, Turkey, Italy, France and Pakistan. Here is a growth rate of international students in Germany from last decade 

Types Of Higher Educational Institutes Pakistani Students Choose

There are three types of higher educational institutes in Germany

  • Universität (University): These are research-oriented institutions that offer a wide range of academic disciplines and are authorized to confer doctoral degrees.

  • Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences): These are practice-oriented institutions that focus on professional education in technical and business-related fields. While they may offer some doctoral programs, they mainly award bachelors and master's degrees.

  • Kunst- und Musikhochschule (University of Fine Arts and Music): These are specialized institutions that offer programs in the arts, music, and related fields. Providing education to professionals on creative and entertainment aspect.

Number of International Students by Type of Higher Education Universities 

Academic Year  Universities  University of Applied Sciences  
2021-2022 242,310 107,128


International Students In Germany By Course Level

Majority of Pakistani students are enrolled in master degree programs in Germany. As per 2022 survey in Germany, %age of international students enrolled in different study programs is as follows 

Degree Program  %age of International Students 
Bachelor’s degree  37.3%
Master’s degree  42.6% 
Doctorate/ PhD degree  8.2%
Other degree programs 5.7
Non- degree programs  6.1%


Degree Programs Offered By German Universities

German higher education institutes offer three academic degrees to international students

  • Undergraduate/ Bachelor Degree (BA, BSc, BSEng): With a duration of 6-8 semesters (3-4 years)

  • Master Degree: 2-4 semesters (1-2 years)

  • PhD Degree: 4-10 semesters with a research work

Study Programs Available At German Higher Education Institutes

There are almost 400 higher education universities in Germany that are offering hundreds of study programs to international students. These study programs are available in the following disciplines

  • Economic Sciences

  • Law

  • Agricultural and Forest Sciences

  • Art

  • Music

  • Design

  • Engineering sciences

  • Humanities

  • Social Sciences

  • Language and Cultural Studies

  • Mathematics

  • Natural Sciences

  • Medicine

  • Health Sciences

  • Education

Available Study Languages In German Universities 

There are three main study languages offered in German educational institutes, it all depends on the study program chosen by the student

  • Some of the programs are offered in German language only

  • Some programs are taught in English

  • Some of the study programs are also offered in both German and English known as hybrid programs 

Study Dates Of German Higher Education Sector

Though different German universities may have different timeline of study, but most of the higher education institutes use the same academic calendar for studies as described below

Study Calendar for Universities

  • Summer semester: April- September

  • Winter semester: October – March

Academic Calendar for Universities of Applied Sciences

  • Summer semester: March – August 

  • Winter semester: September – February

Summer Vacations/ Semester Break

  • Summer: end of July to September

  • Winter: end of February to mid-April

DAAD Master’s International Digital Scholarships, Germany For Masters in the fields of Social Sciences Apply by 31 Dec 2023
Executive Research International Fellowships for Careers in Service Providing Research Infrastructures in Germany For PhD in the fields of Art & Design Apply by 30 Sep 2023
Max Planck Internship 2024 in Germany (Fully Funded) For Bachelors,PhD,Masters in the fields of Engineering&Technology Apply by 01 Nov 2023

Study Abroad Consultants for germany

ABN Overseas Education 0309 3333 800 Lahore
BMR Consultants 03054646329 or 03164363329 Lahore
C&W Resources +92 51 5172 033 Rawalpindi
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