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How To Go Abroad For Free Education From Pakistan?

As per UESCO report, almost 60, 000 Pakistani students are currently studying in foreign universities. Though this figure has been declined because of some common restrictions because of COVID pandemics. Pakistani students who are studying in foreign universities mostly pursuing their degree programs in business, Engineering and technology, accounting, medicine, general studies and arts.

Students mostly prefer UK, USA and Canada for their studies but these places may are not affordable for all Pakistani students. So here is coming with the blog about foreign destinations where students can pursue their quality education without nay tuition fee or with minimum tuition or administrative fee. Here is a list of countries where public universities do not charge any tuition fee.

Study In Germany

One of the most preferred destination of Pakistani students for study abroad. Though Germany is one of the top Western European country that offer a quality education to international students. German universities offer study programs for international students in German as well as English language. Though official language is German, but major study programs are taught in English.

Public universities in Germany charge no tuition fee, though students have to cover their accommodation and living expenses by themselves. For living cost cover-up, Germany also offers a number of fully funded scholarships for international students. DAAD scholarship is the annually announced scholarship of Germany. Some of the prestigious German universities are as

  • The Technical University of Munich

  • University of Berlin

  • University of Freiberg

Slovenia As A Free Study Abroad Destination

Though Slovenia is not most popular among study abroad destination, but universities in Slovenia offer a quality education. Though the national language is Slovenian, but the medium of teaching used by Slovenian universities is English for international students.

Slovenian universities offer free education for international and domestic students. Living cost in Slovenia is also very affordable. The minute living cost may also be covered by scholarships offered by some Slovenian universities. Slovenian universities with zero tuition fee are

  • Maribor University

  • University of Primorska

Study In Norway

Norway is the most preferred study abroad destination, where Norwegian universities provide high quality education to international students. Norway allow its international students to work part time while studying. Norwegian public universities provide free education without charge any fee. Students have to cover living and other expenses for accommodation etc that can be covered by part time work. National and teaching language is not different, almost 70% of population in Norway speaks English. Some of the famous Norwegian universities are

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology

  • University of Bergen

  • University of Nordland

Sweden As Affordable Study Abroad Destination

When student go for free education in foreign universities, Sweden is foremost in search for those. Common language in Sweden is English and Swedish universities also offer major courses in English medium. Though universities do not provide total free education but most of the universities charge a minute amount of administration fee. Along this students also have to cover their living expenses in Sweden. Some of the famous Swedish universities are

  • University of Gothenburg

  •  Dalarna University

  • Jonkoping University

Study In Finland For Free

Finland is most beautiful and preferred destination for Pakistani students to study. Finland the country provides free education to its domestic and international students without compromising the quality of education. There is no tuition fee but a small administration fee for students that they have to pay. Universities in Finland offering education to international students at very affordable cost are

  • Aalto University

  • Tampere University

  • University of Turku

  • University of Eastern Finland

  • University of Helsinki

  • University of Oulu

Here is all the detail about study abroad in very affordable cost. If you are interested to apply anywhere in the world for quality education and want to get guidance join here for free counselling.

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