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New Mexico Is Expected To Lose Thousands Of International Students In 2020

Due to Covid-19 and the visas policies for international students, it is expecting that New Mexico is going to lose thousands of international students for the coming academic sessions. Moreover, a failure to control the pandemic, the challenges of conducting the online classes, and the hostile government of the US are other factors affecting the international education system in the US. International students spend billions of dollars annually in the country. Moreover, the reputation that the worlds’ best and brilliant minds are educated in America is also going to be disrupted.


Contribution Of International Students To The US

According to the latest Open Door reports by the institute of international education, almost 1.1 million international students come to America from different countries for study and practical training programs. The contribution of those students is calculated as $40 billion yearly. This is reported by the 2018-19 school year in the USA.

Among the 50 states of the USA, New Mexico is ranked at 43rd number for international students. According to the last report, 3,208 international students came to New Mexico. 1512 students were enrolled in the University of New Mexico,  Albuquerque. The New Mexico State University, Las Cruces was the 2nd highest university with 918 international students. However, The New Mexico Highland University was listed as the 3rd highest university with 117 international students.

Those international students came from the countries that have gotten far better control over the spread of the Covid-19. 12.3% of students came from India, 11.4% of students came from China, and 7.9% of students came from Mexico. Associate Dean for international programs and special projects at Columbia University, Jessica Sarles-Dinsick has declared that it is expecting that 30 to 40 % of students are not coming to the US this year. This percentage is about 400,000 college students and they make about $15 million for the American economy. 


Students’ Trend For The US 

Several consultants who are working to guide international students for study abroad revealed that fewer students are planning to apply for study in the USA this year. China is considered as the top supplier for the international students and sends almost 33.7 % of students to America. However, India supplies almost 18% of students and South Korea sends up to 5% of students, according to the Open Doors report.  

Moreover, the recent surveys from the international students have shown that the students after knowing the students' policies by the USA are changing their minds and are not planning to apply for the USA universities for their coming academic year. Those students are from China and other countries. However, international students would not take the USA as their study abroad destination as far as the education system would not be preferable there. Moreover, for further consultancy regarding the higher education policies in America and the study abroad trends, keep visiting, and get the best assistance from the experts.

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