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Study abroad in United States for Pakistani students

The United States still holds a firm first position in the list of top countries to study abroad. The reasons are however multiple. It is the world’s most powerful country in terms of politics, military activities and global economy. Moreover, the country provides supreme quality education to both national and international students.

Study In USA for the following reasons

World’s Top Ranked Universities in U.S.A for Pakistani Students 

U.S.A, in fact, resides the first three top most ranked universities. It is the home of more than 150 leading universities listed in the QS World University Rankings. The highest-ranked university in the world, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is located in the Massachusetts state of America.

According to a valid data collected in 2017, there are more than 1.18 million international students studying in the US.

The well-designed courses are taught by qualified faculty members and the American institute also provides state of the art research facilities to the students. The most popular states for international students are California, IL,New York and Texas. International students generally study engineering, business and management, mathematics and computer science

USA Offers Valuable Scholarships To Pakistani Students

Pakistani students dream to study in the USA. Currently, more than 12,000 Pakistani students are studying in the United States. Despite being the most expensive international study destination, Pakistani students take this country on priority and want to apply now to get admission in USA. USA offers affordable and meaningful scholarship opportunities to international students including Pakistan. There are many study exchange programs between Pakistan and America. Moreover, there are fully funded and partially funded USA scholarship programs available for Pakistani students.  One such example is the Full bright Scholarship Program.

The scholarships offered America lies in two categories. Government based scholarship program for international students or the American university offer its own scholarship program. In addition, many other organizations also offer funded scholarships for international students.

Besides scholarships, the US Universities sometimes offer financial aid. The aid is provided to high academic achievers or to underprivileged students. Some universities also consider sports proficiencies or community service while granting the international admissions.

Other Facilities and Part –Time Jobs in USA for International Students

Affordable and functional accommodations are available for students both on-campus and off-campus. In some programs, accommodations are part of the scholarship while in most cases student has to pay for housing .The best part for Pakistani student is that English is the medium of instruction in every institution.

There are many part -time earning opportunities for students .Though students can do the job in limited hours but still they are able to collect good cash .This most modern study abroad destination provides up to date learning material with techno facilities.24/7 Wi-Fi availability, techno integrated class room, workshops internship opportunities, swift transport and other fringe benefits are at hand available for international students.

Career Opportunities in USA as a Pakistani Students 

Many international students want to pursue their career in the US.USA offers the highest employability as world’s biggest companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. have their headquarters in America. Some effective study program also open doors to US immigration possibilities. In 2016, graduates from STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are allowed to stay for 24 months for experience and they can however also extend their stay on certain conditions.

USA resides multicultural population therefore a student can learn a lot while living in America. Tempting cuisines from around the world, Hollywood and above all the picturesque landscape has made America the student’s delight.

How Pakistani Students can Study In USA 

Depending on your subject and study level, the student first has to select his preferred study course and university. After applying at their website, the student has to complete other formalities.USA also offers fully funded scholarship in some cases. Some universities demand an admission test like SAT, GRE etc. Once the student has completed the requirements then he/she has to apply for a   USA student visa .You can join the institute on the given date after you get the US visa.

The US academic year generally consist of two semesters. The fall (autumn) semester begin in August while the spring semester starts in January. It will approximately take four years to complete a US Undergraduate degree and two years for Master’s program.

US educational set up is very flexible .Students are accommodated according to their available timings for example a student can pursue a “minor” qualification alongside his/her major course if he can adjust his timings.

  • World renowned universities.
  • Education flexibility.
  • More career opportunities.
  • Advance Research opportunities.
  • Advance technology.
FA/FSc or A levels certificate FA/FSc or A levels certificate
English language proficiency certificate Undergraduate degree required for admission in masters
Statement of purpose And for PHD admisson Graduate degree is required in an appropriate subject
Photocopy of your passport or id card English language proficiency certificate
-- Statement of purpose
-- References
-- Photocopy of your passport or id card
  • Complete application form
  • Previous academic records.
  • IELTS or TOFEL certificate.
  • Sufficient bank statement.
You don’t have to wait much. You can re-apply after three working days.
Admission intake vary from university to university but usually the moths are June and September.
  • Avvo scholarship program.
  • Annual CGT scholarship.
  • Gotchosen scholarship.
  • Cappex American scholarship.
  • Collage

For more Scholarships click here:

In USA most of the courses are offered in English language as well as international students also Prefer to study in English language. And if your first language is not English then student have to Provide English language certificate i.e. IELTS or TOFEL for admission.
It varies from university to university. But on average it costs from 5000-50,000/ year. And the cost Of living and food ranges between 8000-12000$
There are three types of accommodation for students:
  • Off-campus
  • On-campus
  • Homestay.
Generally, 2 to 3 years gap is acceptable. But if anyone can define the gap with solid reason by documentation then there is no maximum or minimum study gap limit.
The education of USA is renowned worldwide. After getting higher education through USA a lot of opportunities welcome you. The economy of USA is also very strong. The employment rate is high at USA so, anyone can start his career in USA as well.
Yes, if the student visa is not expired then a student can apply for the permanent PR and can be Eligible to apply the citizenship after 2 or 3 years of getting permanent PR.
If your stay is less then 6 months, then yes you are not dismissed legally in the future and can apply and get a green card.
University of Kansas international awards in the United States, 2020-2021 For PhD in the fields of Art & Design Apply by 01 Nov 2019
Indiana University Global Engagement Scholarships for International Students in the United States For Bachelors in the fields of Art & Design Apply by 01 Feb 2020
Wooster College Merit-Based funding for International Students in the USA For Bachelors in the fields of Art & Design Apply by 01 Nov 2019

Study Abroad Consultants for USA

ASN Consultants +92-309 4420 900 Lahore
Bluesky immigration and students consultancy 03041113404 Lahore
BMR Consultants 03054646329 or 03164363329 Lahore
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