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Study Abroad: The Best Destinations For Business Students

From last decade, more than 5 million students from all over the world choose to go abroad for higher education. If we talk about last 2 decades in 2000, there its number was only 1.6 million. Reason to study abroad is getting degree from a highly recognized world business universities. Studying abroad also provide an option to explore different cultures and languages. Though study abroad is always a valuable experience for students.

Benefits Of Studying Abroad

Along with the multicultural experience, study business programs as an overseas add some additional benefits like exploring and building of network not only with the home country but internationally. As thinking about study abroad is easy but the way to apply for some world ranked business universities might be stressful.  

Application process for top international business institutes could be a very different and stressful experience from applying from home. Pre-application preparation make the students confident about their decision for study abroad destination and university for business studies. This article will guide you completely if you are searching for how to study abroad as business student. It contains all guidance about why you should choose study abroad, best places in the world as study abroad destinations, student visa and cost of study business programs, and list of study abroad scholarships.

Why Study Abroad?

It is more excitable and valuable to avail the opportunity as overseas business student. Students studying business programs in abroad always enjoy the different experiences like they get a chance to learn different languages that ultimately help in business growth.  Business students can get the chance to study in top ranked universities of the world including Europe, Asia and America. Some basic reasons to convince and clear the doubts of students for business studies in abroad are as follows

  • Study At Top Best International Business Schools

Ø  International recognized universities offer more network building and business development tricks, also study there add a business experience by exploring different cultures  

  • Strengthening of Network

Ø  The strength of network impacts on the business growth and career development and studying business programs abroad helps in strengthening of network.

  • New Culture Experience

Ø  Studying abroad not only helps in professional growth but personal too, as experience of different cultures make students well- rounded and concerned.

  • More Career Opportunities

Ø  After completion of degree program abroad, students have chance to apply and get their dream job. Study abroad ultimately helps in providing more option to build career.

The Best Places In The World For Study Abroad

This is the first step in every subject’s study abroad application, to find the best study abroad destination for specific study course. In final selection of study abroad place, there are some personal factors too that influence the abroad country selection like living cost, business opportunities, visa acceptance and top ranked universities acceptance etc.

Though internationally recognized business universities are located almost everywhere in the world. So for those who finding where to go for business studies, here are some popular destination for them to explore and build their career.

Australia As Business Study Place

One of the popular study abroad destination for international students. Higher education institutes of Australia have 30% international students. From last three years, Australia has experienced 10% increase in its total international student’s number. Relaxed and friendly environment of Australia attracts more international students there.

  • Australian Study Visa

Ø  International students applying for study visa always apply for students visa sub class 500, the cost of this study visa is 630 AUD. Australian visa processing time is almost 30 days, but the students must have to apply 6 months before the start of their course program. Student’s passport, admission letter, bank statement and health certificate are compulsory documents required for successful Australian study visa.

  • Cost Of study In Australia

  • Estimated tuition fee cost for different business programs is as follows

Ø  Undergraduate business studies: 14000 US$ to 32000 US$

Ø  Fee for masters programs: US$15000 to US$35000

Ø  MBA fee: US$ 46000

Canada To Study Business

Canada has raised its number of international students more than 15% in last two years for business study programs. With top ranked business universities and high quality education Canada attracts a large number of international students. Post graduate stay in Canada lead it to the most popular study abroad destination.

  • Canadian Study Visa

Ø  Before Canadian visa application, students have to get the admission letter from Canadian university. After getting offer letter for business study program, students can apply for visa with identity passport, and bank statement.

  • Cost of study in Canada

Ø  An estimated average undergraduate fees: US$ 5000

Ø  Masters fees: US$ 15000 to US$ 55000

Ø  MBA fees: US$ 48000

Study Business Programs In UK

More than 5 million international students in UK are getting their higher education. UK attracts a large number of international students because of its top business schools, best career opportunities for foreigners, high quality education as well as opportunity to visit nearby European countries.

  • UK Study Visa

Ø  For UK study visa the basic requirement is proof of English language proficiency and university’s admission letter. Get more details about UK study visa here

  • Cost of study in UK

Ø  For bachelors fees is: US$ 13000 to US$25000

Ø  Masters Fees: US$ 20,000 to US$ 50,000

Ø  MBA fees: US$ 63000

China As Abroad Destination For Business Studies

Because of its affordability, China is most popular study abroad destination among international students. More than 5 million international students get enrolled each year in Chinese top ranked universities for business studies.

  • China Study Visa

Ø  There are two types of student’s visa offered by China, F visa and X visa for less than 6 month and more than 6 month study duration in China respectively.  Study visa for China almost takes just five days processing time. Application fee for Chinese student visa is almost 150US$.

  • Cost of study in China

Ø  Fees for bachelors business programs: US$2500- US$ 10,000

Ø  Masters Fees: US$12000- US$ 34,000

Ø  MBA Fees: Us$70,000

Study Business Programs In United States Of America

USA is ranked at top among business study programs especially for MBA. Every year a number of international students search for US top ranked business universities and apply for different study programs there. USA is a country with wide range of top business universities where international students can explore business ideas and play a role in their country’s development.

  • USA Study Visa

Ø  There are two types of student’s visa offered by China, F visa and X visa for less than 6 month and more than 6 month study duration in China respectively.  Study visa for China almost takes just five days processing time. Application fee for Chinese student visa is almost 150US$.

  • Cost of study in USA

Ø  Fees for bachelors business programs: US$2600- US$ 35,000

Ø  Masters Fees: US$12000- US$ 80,000

Ø  MBA Fees: Us$100,000 –US$ 160,000

List Of Study Abroad Scholarships

There are a lot of scholarship opportunities for international students to study abroad in any top university of the world. Students can find scholarships for each country and for every study level at site where most updated scholarships are announced provided by the international organizations and countries 

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