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Study in China. Some important Admission Requirements for Pakistani Students

To study in china is dream of every national here at has provide a complete guide line to pursue your educational carrier of every field in China.

1. Reference from institution

Students require a reference letter from an institute from which student belongs. This letter gives information about your performance in your past institute. Institute should write in these letters that the student was good or bad in studies, how the behavior of the student is and which type of character student have.

2. Letter of personal statement

In this letter basically, you have to write why you want to study in China. Where you like the weather of China, you may like the advanced technology in China, maybe the reason is Pakistan-china friendship or you may like china culture what so ever your opinion is.

3. Academic Record

For going to China you require a transcript which contains all information about your all studying year/semester like you mark GPA, percentage, and division. This shows your past position of study.

4. Screening assessment for admission. 

For getting admission in China you need to give a test.  The Test contains MCQS type question, which contains questions of linked with field and also some general and intelligence questions 

5. For graduate’s program admission at China

If you want to get admission in China in a graduate field you need FSC, degree along with metric degree this gives information about your past educational abilities. As this is a basic requirement of admission. As China use to give admission on the basis of talent to ensure the talent of anyone is not wasted. You need to provide

  • Entry test

  • Intermediate and matric degree with Detail mark sheet

  • Local/domicile

  • Passport 

  • CNIC

  • Medical insurance

6. For admission in the post-doctoral program

If you are willing to complete your post-doctoral program in China, you need a graduate degree from a recognized institute. The student has to have a well-accepted educational character and provisional certificate from their respected area of graduation with an acceptable degree from Higher education commission. For admission in post-doctoral program students require.

  • All previous educational documents with verified degree

  • Valid test score of GRE or GAT/HAT.

  • Application form of relevant university where applied.

  • CNIC, LOCAL/DOMICILE, recent photographs, 

  • Passport

  • Medical insurance certificate up to valid date.

7. For doctoral

For doctoral program or Ph.D. degree holders’ china offer, numerous indigenous scholarships which help the student to easily pursue their life at China the students can enroll in a number of internship programs, as well as many part-time jobs are provided to every individual. Just the student or the aspirant has an MPHILL degree with 3.5CGPA from the accepted universities of Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission. All the PhDs require to submit

  • All educational degrees 

  • Test score

  • Research content

  • Experience letter or NOC

  • Medical insurance

  • Letter of recommendation personal letter of statement

  • Local or domicile, CNIC, driving license

  • Application form of relevant PHD grant university at China

8. Complete working Experience detail to date

Working experience must be submitted if the student has in term of proper NOC if government servant because in case of any problem the embassy could concern with a relevant organization where the employed has worked. If the employer is not a government servant than no NOC is required just the relevant experience certificate can be submitted from the specific organization.

9. English proficiency

China never restricts the student to TOFIL or another international proficiency test for the English language just the student can submit their any English language course from any institute which is proof for their proficiency the student can easily apply for study at China and can pursue their future towards the success. 

10. Passport date must be check

The Student must be informed about the expiry date of passport because if passport gets expire at a foreign country than it becomes a problem for the student to come to Pakistan to the country back. That is why at least passport must have a relevant date for the before returning to home. Otherwise, the chance of VISA could be canceled. 

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