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University of Windsor Canada, Launches a Tuition Guarantee Program

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, the world has encountered several major challenges that have profoundly shocked and upset every single individual to their core. Among these problems was the world's steadily declining GDP. People have been finding it difficult to manage their expenses as a result of the sinking economy, particularly students who were planning to study abroad before the pandemic, are now in a tough situation since study abroad expenses appear to be a bit too much for them.

Thus in order to facilitate the prospective international students a bit the University of Windsor has taken a step forward. This prestigious educational institute of Canada has launched its Tuition Guarantee Program to help students amid these testing times.


What is the UWindsor Tuition Guarantee Program?

Tuition fees at University of Windsor can be frozen for a certain period of time under the UWindsor Tuition Guarantee Program. This program has been launched due to the uncertain economic conditions.

All the students who are taking admission in the summer 2021 semester will automatically be a part of a cohort year; the program will place each international student in a cohort year based on their first term of entry at the University of Windsor.

Each cohort is guaranteed an unchanged tuition rate for the typical length of time required for the degree. Those who have enrolled in the institution prior to the summer semester of 2021 will also benefit from this program.

Talking about this program, Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Management, Chris Busch said that “International students are an important part of the University of Windsor, removing tuition rate uncertainty will create a greater incentive for students to study at the University of Windsor. This predictability will make financial planning around study abroad easier to manage and more appealing as our students grapple with the challenges of the worldwide pandemic.”


About University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is a public research university in Ontario, Canada, and is widely regarded as the most prestigious institute in the country. Every year, this university welcomes around 16,000 international students from over 100 different nations who are enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate programs. The University of Windsor is home to several professional schools including Law, Business, Engineering, Education, Nursing, Human Kinetics and Social Work, science, art, humanities and social sciences.

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