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Want To Go To Europe? Forget Agents. Apply Yourself For Better Chances Of Visa

Today, Europe has become the dream destination by people all over the world. The fond to travel in Europe is considerably increased for the past decades. There were over 670 million people visited Europe. It is 8.3% increasing rate than that of 2016. Over the Europe following are the all-time favorite destinations: 

  • France

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • United Kingdome

  • Turkey

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Greece

  • Russia

  • Portugal     

But at the same time, there are a lot of cases of visa rejection come to see throughout the year. There are many factors effect on the approval rate of visa. Following the article will show the complete guide that what you do for visa approval for Europe and what things you avoid for the safe application process:

Why You Do Not Choose Agents?

People try to hire travel agents for the safe journey but it is not all time the best way to process the safe application. Actually, this is you who know what you want and none of the others can take the idea that what you need actually. However, the following are the reasons that will tell you why you do not need to hire a travel agent.

  • Sometimes, travel agents bend your mind towards the destinations in which they deal. But you have to be content of the destination that you have chosen. Because you have chosen the destination after getting all the pros and cons of it.

  • What is your actual planning? It is only into your own mind. No one can easily judge that for what are you looking? So make implements according to your mindset.

  • Sometimes, travel agents come as very expensive to lead the process of your visa. However, they do not give any assurance about the confirmation of visa.

  • Under such circumstances, it may be a disaster to go through a travel agent.

What Mistakes do people make while submitting Visa Applications?

But before going to apply the application by yourself you have to clear with all the mistake. From many factors affect the visa proposal rate, the way of your application submission is the major one. Here we discussed the common mistakes people do and get a failure:

  • Ignore The Visa Approval Rules:

obviously, when you do not follow the instruction completely you will get a disaster in the end. Because these instructions show how to apply a safe proposal. 

  • Proof Of Return:

Mostly the application rejects when people do not talk about their return plan with the embassy person or they show the inappropriate way to come back. For example, they show return travel by bus, train or boat, etc.   

  • Long Time Journey:

Showing them (consulates) a long term visiting plain is another bad reason that can lead your visa process to failure. If you are going for a visit then apply for up to 15 days. For working, study or migration, there are some other rules to apply.  

  • You Mention Your Friends And Relatives Are Already There:

Before going to travel you show that your acquaintances including friends or relatives are already there. It means you are giving them proof that you are going to skip there. Under such a situation there are fewer chances to get approval.   

  • Involvement In Illegal And Criminal Activities:

If you have been involving in any criminal or illegal activity then the European Embassy or consulate will not let you go to Europe.

How To Apply Safe Application?   

So, you are clear that there is no need of travel agent and at the same time what are the mistakes cut your way of the journey. Now, you need to know how to apply a safe application. For this purpose you have to go through the following mentioned steps:

  • Accomplish the Requirements:

Make it sure that you are following all the requirements.  

  • You Have to Submit Authentic Documents:

Always submit the authentic documents and do not try to be smart and gather the fake documents for visa application. The consulates are smarter than you. The fake application will not only reject your proposal but you can also be banned permanently.  

  • Provide The Evidences As Much As You Can:

A single proof is enough but if you can show more than one this is a good idea.

  • True Purpose/Strong Reason:

But at the same time, the thing which you have to keep in mind is that your reasons and proofs are on solid bases. Make them sure that your evidence and reasons to travel are genuine.

  • Always Show You Are Well-Travelled:

Finally, we are on the last tip to apply a safe application which is to show them you are a good traveler. Be confident and show yourself as you are fond of traveling.  

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