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What To Pack When Studying Abroad In Australia

Leaving your country and planning to study abroad is a courageous act and decision which a student can make in life for their bright future. Other than visa processing and documentation preparation there are many essential things which should be noticeable. If you are among those lucky students who got a chance to study in Australia, then you must view this article which will definitely help you in packing your bag towards your journey.

We are covering a comprehensive packing list for international students related to the things they must bring to Australia with them, though there are some things which should not be kept in your bag and have restrictions. So, we will mention both things here for your ease.   

Basic Packing Tips For Students Heading Towards Australia

  • Create a packing checklist. 

  • Before packing your bag research on the climate and then start packing accordingly. 

  • Use packing cubes and organizers that can help to optimize your luggage space. 

  • Pack the basic medications especially if you have any allergy or prescribed medicines.

  • Keep in mind that there are weight and quantity restrictions, so avoid over packing, as it may charge an extra fee.

  • Pack toiletries items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, body wash, shampoo, towels, and more are everyday essentials. 

  • It might be a good idea to use a travel luggage tag for your bag safety. 

Packing List For Students To Australia

  • Start packing with your clothes for sure but you should pack your clothes according to the climate condition. For winter seasons you should pack warm jackets, coats, sweater caps and hats, and for summer season back formal shirts, T-shirts, pants and jeans. 

  • Pack your footwear, bring formals like heels, shoes or mules with you and bring casual footwear with you also like sneakers, joggers, sandals or even your slippers as well. 

  • Pack some other important items like a hairbrush, hair comb, toothbrush, perfume, makeup, lenses or extra specs, tissue, razors, mask, hand sanitizers, toothpaste, face washes and other skincare products.  

  • Students should bring essential medications. If the student is taking any prescribed medications, make sure you have them on hand in advance because it might not be easily accessible on arrival.

  • Obviously, you are going to Australia for study purposes so pack your stationery as well as a few notebooks, pens, pencils, calculator, a bag pack for university and a water bottle. 

  • Bring a first-aid kit for emergencies and also don’t forget to bring your prescribed glass with you. 

Essential Documents You Should Pack In Your Hand Carry Bag 

Here is the list of important documents to carry in your handbag to make our study journey comfortable towards Australia. 

  • Pack your Australian currency in your hand carry bag. 

  • Your Valid Passport

  • National ID card 

  • Receipts for any relevant payments, such as proof of health insurance and tuition fees. 

  • If you have an International driver's license, then bring it with you (optional)

  • A list of important contact numbers and addresses of both Pakistan and Australia

  • Copies of your attested academic transcripts, certificates, and work experience certificates

  • Bring the prescriptions for any necessary medications

  • Health insurance details. 

  • Credit card (optional)

List of Things You Should Avoid Carrying While Traveling To Australia

The list of items which should not be in your bags while traveling to Australia.

  • Items like lighters, metal- scissors with pointed tips should be avoid to carry 

  • Sharp objects like box cutters, ice picks, knives, meat cleavers.

  • Sporting goods like, hockey sticks, cricket bats, baseball bats.

  • Guns and firearms like compressed air guns, gun lighters, gun powder

  • Tools like axes and hatchets, hammers. 

  • Explosive materials like blasting caps, dynamite, fireworks

  • Things like liquid/aerosol/gel/paste or items of similar consistency, gasoline, gas torches, lighter fluid or any kind of chemicals should be avoided in your bags. 

  • Any kind of illegal drug is prohibited to bring with you including dangerous items like chlorine for pool cleaning, compressed gas cylinders, liquid bleach, spray paint, and tear gas. 

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