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Study abroad in Australia for Pakistani students

Studying in Australia is an attractive option for international students due to its world-class education system, a wide range of courses and programs, and a high standard of living. To study in Australia, you typically need to research Australian universities and colleges to find a program that suits your academic and career goals.Facts About Studying With Australia

World’s Top 100 ranked universities number 


No of Universities in Australia 


No of courses offered by Australian universities 

more than 15000

Higher education system rank in the world 


No. of Popular cities for students to live and study 


Scholarship amount granted to international students 

300 million A$/ year 

No of international students in Australia 

Near to 0.6 million (2023)


st5ep by step latest guide for Pakistani students who wansts to study abroad  in australia

Seven Best Cities To Live And Study In Australia

  • Melbourne

  • Sydney

  • Brisbane

  • Canberra

  • Adelaide

  • Perth

  • Gold Coast

International Students In Australia

According to government statistics growth chart, there were almost 619,371 international students enrolled in different study programs.

International Students In Australia By Level Of Study

From total of 619,371 international students, statistical analysis revealed the following distribution of international students in different degree programs 

Degree Program 

%age of International Students 

Bachelor’s degree 


Master’s degree 


PhD degree 



Australian Universities With High Number Of international Students

All the international students never enrolled for the same university, so here is a list of Australian universities where large proportion of international students enrolled in 2023


International Proportion (%)

Australian National University


Monash University 


University of Sydney 


Curtin University 


University of Melbourne 


University of Queensland 


University of New Castle  


Popular Study Fields To Study In Australian Universities

Though Australian universities offer a wide range of courses (you can find required course here) in every study field but THE (Times Higher Education) system ranked Australia is best country for the following fields

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Clinical and Health

  • Engineering and Technology

  • Life Sciences

  • Physical Sciences

  • Social Sciences

Degree Programs Offered By Australian Universities

Here is a list of study levels for which universities offer different courses to study 

Vocational/ Training / Certificate 



  • Associate

  • Bachelor’s degree  

Pathways to undergraduate programs 

Pathways Programs 


  • Pre- Masters Programs

  • Graduate Certificates / Diplomas

  • Master’s Degree

  • MBA

  • Doctorate Degrees 


Vocational Education And Training Courses In Australia


Academic Years In Australian Universities

Academic year in Australian universities depend upon the study program and institute choose by the student. Here is a general guide of Australian universities intakes for different degree/ study levels 

Study Level 

Length of Program 


Vocational/ Training 

1-4 years 



3-4 years 

March and May


1-2 years 

March & May 

Doctoral/ PhD 

3 years 

Starting dates are negotiated with supervisor 


New Brisbane Scholarships for Latin American and European Students in Australia For Bachelors in the fields of Engineering&Technology Apply by 22 Dec 2023
Richard Ernest Glazebrook Environment Scholarship 2023 For Bachelors,Masters in the fields of Social Sciences Apply by 31 Dec 2023
Dr Alf Hagger Honours Scholarship 2024 For Bachelors in the fields of Humanities Apply by 31 Jan 2024

Study Abroad Consultants for australia

ABN Overseas Education 0309 3333 800 Lahore
ABN Overseas Education +92 309 2222 600 Peshawar
ABN Overseas Education Karachi +92 309 8888500 Karachi
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