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Russia Scholarships For Pakistani Students

Russia Scholarships
Russia offers the opportunity to receive free tuition for international students. Every year thousands of scholarships (quotas) are granted to foreign students. Some categories of international citizens can also apply for state-funded places. The winners of university academic competitions are also offered with special bounties while enrolling at leading Russian universities.
In recent years, the cost of studying at Russian universities in full-time Bachelor’s Degree Programmes started from 63,000 rubles (1,100 US dollars) per year depending upon the subject. The maximum tuition fee went as high as 344,000 rubles (6,100 US dollars) per year.
Five Prestigious Russian Universities offering international Scholarships:
Saint Petersburg Electro technical University "LETI"
Far Eastern Federal University
Bashkir State Medical University ( CITY UFA)
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)
ITMO National Research University
Steps to apply for Russian Scholarship
To get the opportunity follow this step by step procedure while applying for Russian Scholarships
Step1. Explore different types of scholarships available for international students:
Scholarship is not a single entity; in fact it is a collective term and therefore student have to explore the right category from the Scholarship menu to move ahead. Research well to comprehend what each scholar ship program is offering and how it could benefit you.
Step2. Search to Apply:
To apply for a Russian scholarship, you have to search for the program the university is offering. Russian universities offer all professional courses currently in demand. Applicants have to select the desired programme. Search these criteria to get acquainted with the Russian offerings. Check the followings:
Subject you want to study in Russia 
Area you preferred to study and reside
Level of study like undergraduate, masters or research
The language in which you will pursue your studies
Institutions offering the relevant program
The boarding and lodging facilities and access
Cost of living
Find information about the selection of international applicants on the website
Step3.  Select the Scholarship Funding Criteria:
To study abroad, money matters the most therefore check the sort of funding you can get to pursue your studies in Russia. Russian government has set some policies to grant funds both for the International students and Russian citizens. 
Government or State Funding:
 State-funded institutes are ready to provide funds for studies if the student:
Become a winner of one of the Academic Competitions held in Russia or abroad
Pass the Unified State entrance test
Pass competitive selection for a government scholarship (quota).
If you are applying with your personal funds, you can communicate with the selected University representatives. An application with copies of essential documents sent via email will start the admission process.
Step4. Submit the required Documents to the concerned authorities:
Application for admission, specifying the subject and form of study
Original identity and citizenship card (notarized translation into Russian)
Original academic documents like certificates and transcripts (notarized translation into Russian).
Required Health certificates and medical forms
Results of HIV test (or medical certificate)
A copy of your valid passport
Photographs in specified dimensions
Get Register on the website, fill out an electronic form and submit your application.
These documents are submitted to the: 
Russian embassy in your country (if you are participating in competitive selection for a government scholarship)
International offices of universities (if you are enrolling on self-finance)
Step5.  Attend the Entrance Exam:
International applicants take the EGE exam for enrolment to a university. All necessary information can be found on the exam’s official website. Enrolment decisions are made based on their results. Some universities conduct separate admissions exams for international students.
Foreigners can participate in international and Russian competitions to seek competitive admission 
Many Russian universities conduct tests to select talented international applicants based on the results. The applicants with the best test results can get privileged offers while admitting in Russian universities.
Step6.  Wait for the invitation:
Applicants who are eligible for admission through competitive selection (quotas) soon receive their invitation letter. The six-digit number written on the invitation is quoted to the visa application form.
Step7.  Apply for a student visa and wait for an interview call.
If the applicant obtained their place at the university through self-finance, the invitation will be sent by the university which is submitted with visa application.



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