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Tips to Practice for a Good SAT Score

For the preparation of Sat exam the Pakistani student requires good time management skills and proficiency in the English language. There are many SAT preparation classes online and SAT Coaching is available at various locations in Pakistan as well.

The Preparation for the new SAT exam is not that difficult there are a few changes that have been made the SAT comes with the financial aid termed as SAT scholarship which can be availed

Students who are determined to attempt SAT test to get admission in their preferred institutions are often confused about the test preparation tactics. Here are some tips that help you to get prepared and score well in the upcoming SAT test.

  1. The first and the foremost step in SAT preparation is the understanding of the test and its pattern. The Pakistani students must familiarize themselves with the test environment and the vibe of the SAT test.

  2. Next is developing the Understanding of what the Pakistani student wishes to acquire out of the test and have clarity about the reasons of giving SAT test.

  3. The next step is identification of the strengths and weakness of the student this could be done by the students themselves or by means of the mock test provided by the coaching center for SAT exam in Pakistan.

  4. The Final step being the marking of the most scoring areas of the test. Mostly the students rely on sections in the English language. These sections are most scoring as they rely mostly on the understanding of the language. Therefore the Pakistani students must work on and brush up their vocabulary of English language to score at ease in the SAT examination. Be sure of your preparation before applying for the SAT exam.

  5. Get primary information about SAT, and make sure to compose and collect the quality study material for the SAT exam.

  6.  A lot of support material is available   for the SAT test prep therefore  your selection should be precise and for this you have to access genuine  resources  which would be comfortable for your learning style

  7.  It is recommended to read textbooks after consulting individuals who have already taken the SAT test recently. These people can guide you about where to find the right study materials among the swarm of SAT preparation resources.

  8. Many students opt for SAT classroom review courses or take help from a private tutor. These classroom courses and professional help seem to be effective but they are generally very expensive.

  9. Students can now enroll in online courses for SAT test preparation. These online courses have produced encouraging results. The best part of taking these courses is that the outcome is quite parallel with classroom courses and private tutors in minimum price

Online SAT preparation courses are the most popular methodology of learning because it is easily accessible and are versatile.

  1.  Find people who took the latest test as copies of their tests will help you to take reference.

  2.  Use old PSAT tests for practice. The Practice would reflect in the SAT results.

  3.  Remember, the SAT content isn't that high-level that you consider. It’s not advisable to read SAT preparatory books thoroughly .You can skim read them or use them more as references.Diagnose your competency with no preparation.

  4. The free SAT practice tests for Pakistani student would be a great help.

  5. Initially, take 1-2 open book tests without time limits. This will help you know how the test is constructed and you become familiar with formats and topics.

  6. Review the topics that are asked in SAT. Take a week for a comprehensive revision of basic concepts and reading proficiency. It’s now time to take tests with closed books.

  7. Start without setting the time limit and once you are confident about the command over the subjects, set a time limit for your practice

  8. Review your incorrect answers and diagnose where you lack.

  9. In initial practices, never take the entire test at once.

  10. SAT Study Guides contain official SAT exams with detailed solutions. These solutions will let you determine at which point you are going wrong and help the Pakistani student understand which SAT type they are required to give.

  11. Most of the students prefer individual practice, this could be good but it’s better to enter a competitive environment by teaming up with your class mates. A good study group provides both instrumental and moral support. Sometimes you can identify something that is really missing in your preparation approaches drastically.

  12. A supportive study   helps you to learn from the achievements and mistakes of other students. This group study is just only a study aid otherwise the student has to excel through his/her own talents and hard work. This is a fact that continuous reading will improve your vocabulary and critical reading skills.

  13. Simple reading is not enough you have to read "critically;" that will help you to analyze the text. Take care about the voice, style, themes and message of the text. Pakistani student should practice SAT math and English questions comprehending the language as much as you can. It’s better to practice a section a day or per week.

  14. One useful tip is that don’t over think too much about a question. You might have marked the right one. There is great worth of the SAT test and the score lies in the hands of the student for SAT preparation.

  15. Continuous reading will also help you to build up your vocabulary and you can understand how and where to use these words.

  16. Essay writing needs some tactics .Try to build up an exceptional format like argument, support, and details that help you to gain you points.

  17. You don’t have to answer the questions in order. It counts how you move want to solve that question in the next attempt, just mark the question and move on. Marking will help you promptly locate the skipped question.

  18. There is no hard and fast rule for SAT test preparation for Pakistani student but the more you practice the more chances of getting good scores before the SAT test date because no last minute effort can bear any fruit.

  19. Many Pakistani students study the same books but yet their Good SAT score differs invariably the reason being that they don’t work smart, they just work hard.

  20. The special tip for the Preparation practice of SAT math, the students who have previously given SAT exam recommend that the student must be able to do the mental math, since math is known to be the most difficult part in the SAT examination.

  21. Find a SAT study partner, who can help and as well as motivate you at the same time.

  22. The Final tip for SAT or any other test is that start preparing early, now is the time.

Prepare a SAT checklist so that all the regions are equally covered and nothing is left behind.


The Pakistani student requires to step wise address the questions in the following sequence for the SAT subject test in Pakistan -

  1. General Questions.

  2. Rhetorical Questions

  3. Detailed Questions.

  4. Vocabulary based Questions.

  5. Analogy Based Questions.

  6. Reference to context Questions

  7. Assumption based Questions.


 SAT Preparation Books Pakistan –

  1. The College Board's Official SAT Study Guide, 2024 Edition

  2. Best Overall SAT Prep Book: Kallis' SAT Pattern Strategy

  3. SAT Prep Black Book, 2nd Edition

  4. McGraw-Hill Education SAT 2019

  5. Barron's  The Leader in Test Preparation SAT, 29th Edition

  6. The Princeton Review's Cracking the SAT, 2024 Edition

  7. Dr. Steve Warner's 500 New SAT Math Problems

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