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Study abroad in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani students

Covid Updates for Kyrgyzstan 2022

Kyrgyzstan borders are open now for some countries includes Pakistan. 


Kyrgyzstan is purely influenced by the traditions of the nomadic lifestyle and culture. The Russian style atmosphere cum lifestyle has made Kyrgyzstan a good choice for living. Nature influences are prestigious, but from the designs to the music, and many traditions reflect the nomadic and contemporary blended lifestyle. Perhaps, one of the most well known aspect of Kyrgyz culture is the Epic of Manas, an incredibly long poem passed down orally for generations.

Higher Education in Kyrgyzstan

Under the Kyrgyzstan Constitution every citizen has the right to get education. Regulation of higher education is carried out in accordance with the Law over education.

 In order to ensure sustainable functioning and development of the education system in Kyrgyzstan, including higher education, in combination with the consistent reforms in this area, Kyrgyzstan has adopted the Education Development Concept and Strategy in the Kyrgyz Republic which consolidate values and priorities, as well as create the basis for concrete steps to develop the education system, taking into account international obligations of Kyrgyzstan.

 In accordance with the Governmental Resolution of the Kyrgyz Republic No 496 of August 23, 2011 “On establishing a two-level structure of the higher professional education in Kyrgyzstan” a structure for professional education was made and set with an award of academic degrees “Bachelors” and “Masters”, except for certain specialization.

•             The first level or level one is the Bachelor programs with a duration of 4 years - 240 credits.

•             The second level or level 2means Master programs with a duration, 2 years - 120 credits

•             Level 3 was introduced as the pilot regime in 6 higher education institutions

•             PhD programs of duration of 3 years - 180 credits.

•             Training programs include Training of specialists - duration: 5 years - 300 credits


Duration of study in medical specialists is of 6 years - 360 credits.

The academic year renders courses that are a minimum of 60 credit hours for intramural learners.

One semester equals to 30 credits when the academic year is composed of two semesters.

The educational standards for the higher professional education of the states were approved on September 15, 2015. These standards are based on the European qualifications framework for higher education (Dublin descriptors).

universities in Kyrgyzstan for higher education for Pakistani students


Universities and Tuition Cost in Kyrgyzstan for International Students 

Till 1990, the only university in Kyrgyzstan was the Kyrgyz State University in Bishkek. However, in regional centres, a large number of institutes affiliated with Kyrgyz State University offered a wide range of subjects and degrees upon graduation. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Kyrgyz State University still exists, but the former institutes have invariably been transformed by title and courses into universities. Thus, for example, the Osh Pedagogical Institute founded primarily for linguistic study in 1951 was renamed Osh State University in 1992 and offers programs in business. Typical tuition fees at private universities range from $1,500 for Kyrgyzstan nationals to $2,000 for foreign students, but fees for Kyrgyz State University and other public universities are significantly lower, about 5,000 to 10,000 SOMS (US$100 to US$200) per annum. Scholarships in the form of fee waivers are available at most institutions to deserving students. Only Kyrgyz-Turkish University has no fee structure.

Kyrgyzstan culture for Pakistani Students

Culture of Kyrgyzstan

Everything in the Nature-Based lifestyle of Kyrgyzstan, right from living needs like clothing to other necessities are designed to adapt the change in weather and locations. Yurts are easy to take apart and carry, and can be made warmer for winter, and cooler for summer. The textiles inside of yurts, such as shyrdaks and tushkyiz (felt rugs and embroidered hangings) took their inspiration from designs found in nature, such as plants, animals, and landscapes. Even clothing is mostly made out of natural materials and designed to be comfortable while still stylish.


Monuments, Memorials and Museums

Kyrgyzstan houses monuments belonging to the Soviet times. New statues of Manas and older statues of Lenin dot the country, while monuments to other notable figures such as ChingizAitmatov, ToktogulSatylganov, and Przewalski can also be found. The State Historical Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek are the largest yet signature museums of Kyrgyzstan. The Osh State Historical and Archaeological Museum is regarded as the only UNESCO World Heritage Site dwells in Kyrgyzstan.


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