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How Pakistani Students can Apply for Kyrgyzstan Student Visa 2021

student visa requirements for Pakistani students ti stud in Kyrgyzstan

A foreign student can enter the Kyrgyz Republic using a passport with a valid Kyrgyz visa. Kyrgyzstan has non-visa regime agreements with some countries. Depending on your citizenship, in order to enter the Kyrgyz Republic you have to either,

  1. Not need a visa to enter the country - Non-Visa Regime Countries.

  2. Need a visa, but will not need a visa-support letter to receive one.

  3. Need a visa and require a visa-support letter to receive one.

Pakistan lies in the list of countries for which you will need a visa-support letter.

Visa Support Letter

  • Citizens of all other countries that need a visa-support letter to receive a Kyrgyz visa, AUCA can provide a visa-support letter for you. Depending on your citizenship, it will take us from two to six weeks to process the letter.

  • To study, be sure to apply for a “student” visa. Do not apply for a tourist, private or religious types of visa as these visas cannot be extended.

  • It takes six weeks to process a visa-support letter for citizens of Pakistan. For all other countries, the procedure takes about two weeks.


  • Application form.

  • Passport size photos.

  • Valid Passport.

  • Letter of acceptance from educational institution.

  • Required receipts of all paid fees.

  • Proof of sufficient funds that you can support yourself in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Letter of institution or organization if expense of studies will be covered by a scholarship or loan.

Visa Support Letter Fee

The fee for providing a visa support letter will be added to the student tuition, and is determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the fee is around $20 and courier and extra charges of around $10.

Applying for Student Visa

After you provide Student Visa and Registration Coordinator with the necessary information and fees, you will receive a number that corresponds to your visa-support letter. Please note that consideration of the documents for visa-support letter lasts for two to three weeks at MFA. Use this number when you apply for your visa. Please note that you will have to pay additional visa-processing fees, around $30 at the Kyrgyz embassy or consulate where you apply for the visa.

Student Registration

Whether you are required to have a visa or not to enter the country, you have to register your arrival with the Ministry of Internal Affairs or its territorial offices (except for holders of diplomatic passports). It is very important for international students to check in with the Students Visa and Registration Coordinator within 2 days of arriving in Bishkek to confirm their status and receive appropriate instructions.


Visa extension is a time consuming process, be sure to apply at least a month before the expiration date on your current visa by bringing your passport to the Students Visa and Registration Coordinator. For the extension, students will obtain single-entry “student” visas valid for up to one year for full time students and to six months for students of preparatory program, part time and visiting/exchange students. If you are a “single” visa holder, you can leave and re-enter Kyrgyzstan only once . After you re-enter the country, you must apply for another visa extension. You have to register your arrival after every re-entry in Kyrgyzstan.

The payment for visa and registration expenses should be processed through branches of RSK Bank. The fees for the visa extension are set by the Government of Kyrgyzstan in soms and are subject to change every year.

  • Visa for 3 months , 1025 soms (about US $23)

  • Visa for 6 months, 1525 soms (about US $33)

  • Visa for 1 year, 2525 soms (about US $55)

  • Registration fee, 100 soms (about US $5)

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