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Chances Of Getting Skilled Worker Visa From Back Home Without Completing Studies In UK

The UK is renowned for its high-quality education system and globally recognized universities. Many institutions have a long history of academic excellence and offer a wide range of courses across various disciplines. UK universities offer diverse academic programs, providing students with a broad spectrum of choices to pursue their interests and specialties. The UK government frequently reviews and updates its immigration policies, including visa regulations for students, workers, and visitors. As happened in 2023, UK govt restricted to switching visas from student to work visa.

New Rules For International Students In UK 2024

In an effort to lower the net immigration rate, the UK government has imposed new limitations.

  • One of the major implementations is that, except for post-graduate research routes, international students are not permitted to bring their dependents to the United Kingdom from January 1, 2024.

  • Furthermore, the government hopes to outlaw the use of student visas as a quick way to get employment in the UK. Just after completing their studies, international students will have the option to convert their student visa to a study visa.

Restrictions On Switching Into Work Routes While Studying In UK

According to the new regulations, holders of student visas are only able to convert to a UK work visa after their studies are finished or after their course ends. PhD candidates may transition into the work visa after completing at least 24 months of study, with a few exceptions. While students raised one more question about new rule that either they are able to apply for work visa if they go back to home without completing their studies in UK universities. is here to help those students in getting know its answer, just keep reading this article.

UK Skilled/ Dependent Visa Without Completion Of Study

The most asked question from students is “what are the chances of skilled worker visa approval without completion of studies in UK university”. The answer is 100%, yes students who left UK university because of any reason can go back to home country and apply for skilled worker visa (if an employer offers work option to them). But remember you cannot switch to work visa while staying in UK on study visa until done with the degree program you are enrolled for.


No More Switching To Work Visa


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