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Documents You Need When Applying For Studying Abroad

If you are planning to study abroad then one of the most important things to consider is the required documentation. In case the student failed to submit the mandatory documents then the admission will be not granted to the students. The admission requirements may vary for each study program so make sure to read all the instructions provided by the university for which you are applying and then work on the documentation process. The first step is to choose a suitable degree program according to your interest. You can apply to various universities such as the University of Michigan, University of Portsmouth, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Cologne, Aarhus University, and many others. Following is the list of the documents that you need when applying for studying abroad.

Academic Transcripts 

Academic transcripts provide the complete details about the courses and modules that the students have studied. The academic transcripts are important as they depict the grades, necessary background, and skills of the candidates for the degree program they are applying for. In this one, the admission board can analyze your performance so with better grades the chances to secure admission are high. In case you have lower grades then it will impact your admission application.

Proof of English Language Proficiency

The English Language Proficiency certificate is almost required by all the foreign universities. So in case you are applying for a degree abroad make sure you have Proof of Language Proficiency. The universities need to know that you have a strong command on English and you will not face any language barrier in your studies and you can understand the language easily at the academic level. Some of the English Language Proficiency Courses include TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, C1 Advanced, and many others. The candidates have to secure maximum marks as the higher score will depict the strong English skills of the students. 

Copies Of Diplomas 

If you are applying for a master's or bachelor’s degree in a foreign university then you are required to submit copies of diplomas of your previous education. The university requires these diplomas from the candidates in order to verify the academic background of the candidate before granting admission. To qualify for the offered degree programs these diplomas also act as a prof as they include all the data regarding the educational institution you attended, your marks final grades, or thesis. The university admission board will shortlist the candidates on the basis of diplomas submitted by the student and determine the eligibility. But apart from the academic background, there are many other ways to give a good impression such as volunteering activities, strong motivation, and good references.

Reference letters

Reference letters are also a very important document required and they are usually considered as additional evidence of the ability of the candidate. The requirements of the reference letter may vary as the reference letter submitted from professors will focus on the academic skills and achievements of the student and the reference letter submitted by the employer should reflect the skills of the students about the degree program that they are applying for. Also, make sure to ask for the reference letters well in advance so that you can get them on time and submit them according to the given schedule. A number of scholarships required reference letters to get admission. Sample of an attractive reference letter is listed here.

Motivation letter or Statement of Purpose

Many students are confused that why motivation letter and the statement of purpose are required with the admission application. It is informed to the students that the motivation letter and a statement of purpose are generally very similar but they are not the same at all. They should be clearly structured and well written according to the mentioned requirements. Through the motivation letter, you explain that how the background is related to the offered program of the university and also mention the course or specialization you want to focus on for future studies. With a statement of purpose, the students talk about their journey, inspiration, interests, and professional goals as the statement of purpose is considered a personal document and it adds the chance to shine in your application.

Project Description 

A project description is only required for some specific degree programs. The universities require the portfolio from the students and it reflects the experience and talent in your field of study. It also provides insight into your clients and the type of projects you carried. A project description is needed for the degree program that will end with a research thesis and it should include what is the topic of research and why, what is the latest, updated and current state of research on that topic, how you are going to conduct your research, describe the approach and what findings you expect and how your research will add the value to the existing knowledge and many more.

Final Words

So if you are applying for a bachelor's, master's more professional degree then ensure the submission of all the relevant documents along with the application form. The application form with the incomplete documents will not be considered by the university officials and the students will not be able to secure admission. Spend the proper time while filling the application form and work on the required documents and then prepare a thorough application as it will increase your chances of getting accepted by the university abroad.

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