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HEC Hungary Scholarship 2020 for Pakistani Students Deadline Countdown Begins

 The HEC scholarship for Hungary has been announced and had conveyed its announcement, now that the countdown for the deadline begins, a final reminder for the Pakistani students. HEC scholarships are generally the most rewarding scholarship and wherever the Pakistani students has decided to study they must for sure apply for these. Along the course of the year the HEC announces many scholarships for the financial help of the Pakistani students.

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Hungary Scholarships for 2020 to 2021

About a month ago HEC a scholarship the HEC Stipend Hungarian Scholarship 2020 for Pakistani students.  The HEC scholarship is available for the various programs at undergraduate, Graduate and PhD level in the host institutes of Hungary Stipendium Scholarships.

2020 hungary scholarship for International students


Courses for the HEC Hungary Scholarship

The courses for which the HEC Hungary scholarship is available are as follows - Economic Science, Agricultural Science, Arts and Humanities, , Engineering Science, Medical and, Social Sciences, Computer Science, Sport Science, Information Technology, Natural Science, Arts, Art Education, Legal Science Health Science, Teacher Training. The Pakistani student can be pursuing their PhD in any field in the host Hungary universities.


Eligibility of HEC Hungary Scholarship

  • The citizen of Pakistan must have completed at least 12 years of education for applying for undergraduate program and for graduate program must have completed 14 years of education and the PhD applicant must have completed 18 years of education.

  • The age limit for the bachelor’s applicant must be 18 to 22 years, for masters up to 35 years and PhD 40 years.

  • The documents must be attested by the two bodies as HEC and IBCC, the application programs are accredited by the government bodies.

  •  The Pakistan student must have cleared the English language proficiency test as – IELTS and TOEFEL, also prior to this must be fulfilling all the requirements of the Hungarian university.

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Benefits of the Hungary Scholarship

The Pakistani students studying in master will be exempted from paying tuition fee, and will be provided a stipend of HUF 43,700 per month for living expenses. The PhD students will be awarded HUF 140,000 for phase 1 and HUF 180,000 for Phase 2 of their study course. HUF 40,000/month for accommodation.

Online Application for Hungary Scholarship

The Pakistani student requires to fulfill two forms as follows –

  1. HEC Hungary Scholarship 2020 online application.

  2. Application of Tempus Public Foundation.


Other documents –

  1. Official attested transcripts.

  2. Motivation letter.

  3. TOEFEL and IELTS scores.

  4. Medical certificate that assures the students is healthy and free from any ailment.

  5. Copies of Passport introductory pages.

  6. Letter of acceptance from the tempus public foundation Hungary.

  7. Letters of recommendation.

  8. Acceptance letter for the research plan.

  9. Statement of acceptance from the supervisor of the university.

  10. Host university acceptance letter for the Pakistani student’s research plan.

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Application Procedure

The Pakistani student requires to submit two application one for HEC and the other for Tempus Public Foundation. The HEC application should be submitted with a Bank receipt submitted to HEC on online Account No. 17427900133401.

Number of students the will receive the Scholarship are – 200


Deadline for the Scholarship are – 15 January, 2020.


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