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International Student’s Return towards Australia Will not Affect International Education Crisis

International student’s dream of study in Australia as it has always been a dream for bright students who wish to further expand their experience, enhance their skills and grab international residency and work opportunities. Recently there has been announcement regarding australia opening up for international students through opening international border in hopes of ending crisis regarding international education sector.

Over 145000 international student visa holders are stuck over foreign land who are unclear how they will enter Australia. Issue of pipeline effect won’t be overcome in the year 2022 due to flow of student disruptions in the past two years having long term affect. Returning to normal enrollments will take time as reduced student intakes improves over time


International Student Situation in Australia

International student visa holders has shrunken by 33.5% or 205,854 since March 2020 according to recent survey from government. Many international students will be studying outside of Australia because of closed international borders.

Number of international student visa holders is down to 266,000 compared to 578,000 in October 2019. Reduction of 54% international students residing in Australia over 300,000.


Impact of Decreasing International Education Value

International students studying on scholarships percentage decreasing will have major affect on people who rely on international education sector as well as affecting 60% international education economic value towards broader economy.

Australia Bureau of Statistics or ABS, onshore international education value is currently $5.5 billion in the quarter month of June 2021 compared to $ 9.1 billion previously attained in the month June 2019. Recent growth toward online learning cannot overcome the losses towards international student’s contribution towards revenue.


The Pipeline effect

International student’s quantity is rapidly changing as old students complete their study courses and new students being theirs. The Pipeline effect describes disruption towards flowing of new students as some time is required for working through pipeline.

International Students Australia often choose preparatory courses like English language as pathway and make their way up higher education courses in degree or diploma program. Chinese student year to date enrollments have only fallen to 8% in 2021 in comparison to 2019 while international Chinese students holding visas for higher education have fallen 30%.

Students who are studying higher study courses were already in the pipeline when Australia closed international borders therefore students have progressed from the pathway courses higher courses as newer international students will take time to progress through the pipeline. New international student inflow may fill the gap of currently enrolled international students otherwise the student numbers will continue to fall similar to the motion of University churning out student graduates like on conveyer belt.


International student revenue

International education revenue received from international students who study in Australia provides great importance towards Australia’s tertiary education system. Higher income received from international students help education section to supplement the revenue received from native Australian students. Australia gear up toward accepting more managed policy environment towards international students as they return back.

International students are grouped toward regarding certain study programs. Eight university groups in 2020 received 50% comprising $9 billion revenue dedicated towards collection from international students. The training sector and vocational education received only 4.7% of revenue from enrolled VET students enrolled towards public services. Vocational sector miss out of generation revenue from international student revenue as local Australian students cannot interact with their international students.

International students Australia can also choose cheap study programs due to link towards migration and education system to uphold their visa status. Growth towards the international education sector is returning but it’s an important time to manage who sustainable growth can be obtained that protest valuable investment done in the sector especially investment targeted towards international students for Australia.  

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