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Is It Still An Option To Apply For Spring 2021 Study Abroad Programs?

Almost all the study abroad programs were halted throughout the world because of the enforcement of Lockdown due to pandemic, Covid-19. These unfair circumstances kept some students away from the destinations of their dreams of study abroad. Those students are asking that is it still an option for them to apply for spring 2021 study abroad programs?


The Worlds’ Study Abroad Planning

As we know that the travel restrictions are slowing down from across the world and under this situation, some European destinations are welcoming the international students belong to the countries with a lower risk of Corona pandemic. However, with no vaccines and having no idea that when the pandemic would be over, the organizers of study abroad programs are vigilant whether the study abroad preparation could be safe or not for the 2021 spring semester.

A survey that is taken by The Observer declares that some universities are set to resume the study abroad programs for the 2021 spring session. In these institutes University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s College, and Holy Cross College in Indiana, etc. are listed.

From the University of Notre Dame, an email has sent to the students in which it is clarified that the university has fully planned to run all the 2021 spring study programs. Students are addressed that the pre-departing meetings would be held soon. They are advised not to buy the air tickets until the final decision will be taken by the authority. However, Hong Zhu, the senior director of global education has also said that the changes in this decision may be possible after monitoring the situations around the globe in the coming weeks.

The same case has seen through the University of Carolina that states that as many programs will be started, for the spring 2021 session, as possible. The university clears that the programs are open and easily accessible to the students. According to the latest announcement it comes to see that the university is accepting admission applications until September 10th, 2020.

Yale University is another higher education institute that is accepting admission applications from September 1st, 2020 to October 15th, 2020 from across the world for spring 2021 programs. At the same time, some institutes are not so confirmed regarding the spring 2021 study session and some are still avoiding starting the study abroad programs.   



Get Study Abroad Updates

Students who are planning to start their study abroad journey for the spring 2021 session, they are to be informed that some institutes are welcoming. These institutes are located in the USA and at some European destinations. However, we have discussed that there are some institutes that still under the ambiguity to start study preparation. So, under this situation, you are only allowed to the destinations that are welcoming. For the rest of the destinations, students are still advised to wait for the situations being normal. Moreover, for all other study abroad updates keep visiting, where you can get better assistance from professional study abroad organizers.  


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