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Pakistan Army Organizes Pakistani Filmmakers Contest To Earn Foreign Scholarships

The Pakistan Army is going to introduce a film contest in which all the filmmakers from Pakistan can participate to earn foreign scholarship opportunities. Participants will submit the short films to the National Amateur Short Film Festival, NASFF. The film should be shot in Urdu, English, or any other regional language. The short films must also have subtitles. For launching the festival, the Pakistan Army invited the biggest stars of the Pakistani film industry in which Farhan Saeed, Mahira Khan, and Iqra Aziz are the most prominent figures. The following is the detail of this short filmmaking contest: 


Purpose and Objectives Of The Contest

The contest is going to be organized for the purpose to give a chance to the talented and creative youth to produce high-quality film content aimed at projecting a positive image of Pakistan.

The major objectives of this contest are to;

  • Introduce a clear picture of the Pakistani culture to the world.

  • Introduce a special category of best mobile phone film.

  • Get the enormously creative and talented youth in the filmmaking field.

  • Offer the selected candidates the appropriate knowledge of existing and future trends of web productions.

  • Build the capacity of emerging Pakistani filmmakers in producing digital short films.     


General Guidelines For The Contest

The following are the guidelines and the general eligibility criteria that every participant must follow:

  • Applicants can shot a film under all the genres including function, documentary, animation, and experimental films. However, the content should be original and must have all the Copy Rights.

  • The projects or films under the category of Fiction, Documentary, and the Animated film should not be lengthier than 12 minutes. However, the category of Experimental film is exempted from this given timeframe.    

  • The film can be produced in Urdu, English, or any other regional language with subtitles.

  • All projects entering the contest must be copyright protected.

  • The projects entering the contest must have been produced after January 1st, 2018.

  • Under each theme, the participants can only submit one film. Multiple entries under a single theme will not be accepted.

  • Once after submission, the film cannot be withdrawn.  

  • There is no screening fee.     


Prescribed Short Film Themes

Participants will be allowed to shot the film under the following prescribed themes:

  • Colour Of Pakistan

  • The Indus Identity

  • Pakistan A Cultural Melting Pot

  • Empowerment Through SMEs

  • Philanthropy In Pakistan   

  • Value Addition In Agri-Products of Pakistan


How To Get Registered

Applicants are advised to follow the below-given steps to get registered successfully:

  • Applicants are advised to follow the official portal of the Pakistan Army at

  • First, download the application form and fill it correctly.

  • Applicants will email the registration form at

  • In case of projects larger than 2 GB applicants will send it through a DVD via courier to Production Division, ISPR, Hilal Road, GHQ, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.   


Awards and Scholarship

The following is the award and scholarship details:

1.       Film Awards  

  • Best film award in each category (06 awards)

  • Best mobile film award in each category (06 awards)

2.       Jury’s Appreciation Awards

Youngest Filmmaker award

3.       Skill Set Awards

  • Best cinematography awards (02 awards: Documentary/Fiction)

  • Best editing Awards (02 awards: Documentary/Fiction)

  • Best Screenplay Award (Fiction)

  • Best Research Award (Documentary)

4.       Scholarships

High achievers will be provided the opportunities to start higher education in filmmaking program in the top-rated film schools of the world. 


Registration and Submission Schedule

The registration deadline is January 1st, 2021. (Free Registration).  

The submission deadline is March 10th, 2021.


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