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The Coronavirus Impact On Tier 4 General Students Visa Holders In The UK

International students who are studying in the UK Universities and are worried about the factors affecting their studies due to the covid-19 are provided the complete rights and the policies the UK government embossed on them.


Students Rights With The Tier 04 General Student Visa

The government of the UK confirms that the universities would sponsor the international students who are studying under Tier 04 General Student Visa. Students will be sponsored during the suspension of the on-campus studies. Universities are offering education through online classes and students are advised to take the online classes.

Students who are planning to apply for visa extension within the 06 months, they are suggested to submit their application right now. The government is ready to assist the students while submitting their application and throughout the application process students will be guided at every single step. 


Students Diagnosed Coronavirus And Have Symptoms

Students who are diagnosed with the virus and those who are having symptoms of the virus are advised to follow the Home Office Guidance. Self-isolation and contact with NHS 111 are comprised of this guidance. Moreover, students who are not able to attend their classes due to coronavirus will be provided relaxation in the absence period by the Home Office. It is assured that the Tier 04 sponsorship of the students will not be affected negatively.

There are some universities such as The University of Law, BPP University and Lancaster University have advised students to complete their absence forms. However, for further guidance students are suggested to call the relevant visa compliance team in their university.



Visa Impacts To The Students Who Are Returning To Their Home

Students who are willing to return to their home country due to coronavirus then the Home Office makes it sure that it will still sponsor the international students. There will be no negative impact on their current visa status. Students are advised to submit the absence form or the relevant visa compliance team will guide them properly. The absence form may require the following details:  

  • The departure date

  • Travel details including flight number, and airline, etc.

  • Reason for leaving the UK

  • Return plan to the UK  

These above mentioned are the general requirements your university may ask to offer you leave. However, students holding Tier 04 General Visa may also ask to show further reasons for obtaining leave form the university. So, you are advised to contact directly to your university to know the complete requirements.


Students Returning To The UK On The Current Tier 04 Visa  

Students who will leave the UK after giving the required or valid reasons then their visa will still under the sponsorship and there will no negative impact embossed on their visas. So, they will be able to return to the UK on the same visa. Students who are planning to apply for study in the UK are inviting by to get complete assistance from the best Consultants for the UK to start their application today.


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