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Tuition Free Masters in Norway a Great Opportunity for International Students

As various countries around the world are gradually reopening borders and easing restrictions for international travel for those individuals who have been vaccinated, it’s time to put your study abroad plans back into action if they have been suspended due to the pandemic. There are many options for Pakistani students; studying in Norway is a great option as norway universities offer various scholarships for Pakistani students.

There are many benefits for studying in Norway as the country is one of the safest countries, having high standard of living, has great natural attractions and mind blowing views including the opportunity to view the Northern Lights.

As Norway offers tuition free education for most of its public universities; international students can study for almost free or close enough including master’s, bachelor’s or PhD degree. International students would only have to bear semester fees and living costs.

Pakistani students who are considering to study abroad for their master's degree in Norway and are wondering what are the best tuition-free universities in norway for international students 2022? Here are some good ones:


Norway’s University of Bergen

International students can easily find their desired master’s degree in English language at University of Bergen for students outside of the European Union. Master’s programs at the University of Bergen usually last two years with student’s second year of the master study program devoted towards the student's thesis. As the university is publicly funded; it does not charge international students any tuition fees. The University offers various master programs that are taught in the English language, including digital culture, global health, applied and computational mathematics, mathematics, physical geography, public administration, fine arts, design and music performance and composition.


Norway’s Nord University

Nord University is one of the universities in norway for international students that offer master study courses and programmes taught in the English language. Nord University master courses including Biosciences, Business, Sustainable Production and Utilization of Marine Bioresources and Global Management. International students are required to pay a semester registration fee for each semester which is currently 725 Norwegian Krone for each semester.


Norway’s University of Oslo

Norway offers international students the opportunity to study from world’s top Universities. According to World University Ranking 2022; University of Oslo has the highest rank in Norway offering various master & Phd study programmes including computational science, education and economics, data science and bioscience that are taught in English language.


Norway’s University of Stavanger

University of Stavanger comprises six faculties totaling thirteen schools or departments including Museum of Archaeology and two National Research Centers that contribute towards student’s academic life at the University. The University of Stavanger offers various study programmes that are taught in English language including Business administration, computer science, applied data science, environmental engineering, Industrial asset management, prehospital critical care, risk analysis, service leadership in international business, English and literacy studies, biological chemistry, mathematics and physics, music performance, Industrial asset management, and energy environment and society.

International students can apply towards a tuition free master’s program in the above-mentioned universities in norway for international students but they must take note regarding the living expenses as they are high in Norway so plan your budget accordingly. International students who are given study permits are automatically provided permission to work part time which can greatly contribute towards lowering the cost of living for international students during their study period in Norway.

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