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US Travels And Visa Restrictions Halt Study Plans Of International Students

Travel restrictions and visa issues, such as visa appointment delays at embassies in some regions across the world, render some international students to halt applications for Study in the USA. However, to enable international education as well as student’s mobility, these frustrations including travel restrictions and visa issues had been voiced during the International Education Week.


Students Remarks Upon Remotely Study From The US Institute

A first-year student from Nepal who is currently enrolled at the Ohio University shares his remote study experiences with the media channels that it is difficult for him to wake up at 2:40 AM to attend the class. He is saying that he is suffering from the 11 hours’ time difference from the US. He said that he wants to get a visa to start on-campus studies in the USA but he is not able to get the visa appointment from the US embassy in Khatmandu. He further told that he is quite familiar with the current situation of Covid-19 and health issues, but the embassy should give a clear discussion about this matter. He further added his words that he is confused that should he wait for resuming its plans or should he look for any other plan.

While talking about other study abroad destinations, the student from Nepal reveals that his friends successfully started their studies in Hong Kong, Germany, and the UAE, but in Katmandu, the US visa appointments are still unavailable. You can see that, how much it is frustrated that other embassies are granting visa appointments and visas but the US embassy is still clear.


Frustrations To Scholarships Awardees

Scholarships in the USA is another discussing matter. The issue is that the students who have acquired the scholarship opportunities or are looking for the scholarship opportunities, will not be able to secure the scholarships if they would not attend the classes until the coming spring study session. However, through a letter, the University of Texas at San Antonio has declared to its fall 2020 Distinguished Presidential Scholarship awardees that scholarship will not defer by the university beyond spring 2021.


Visa Appointment On Urgent Basis

The UTSA Scholarship Office stated that in order to achieve the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship international students must be enrolled full time (in-person or online) and must begin taking courses this spring 2021 term.

The State Department has declared that the student visa is on high priority and all the possible efforts are making to resume the visa appointments for international students. The department has also revealed that in the case of emergency appointments only the opportunities of a medical emergency and humanitarian are available for international students.

However, at the same time, the State Department has also revealed that the visa appointment or application problems are also facing by the countries including Brazil, Nigeria, Nepal, the UK, and Turkey. Anyhow, the appointment slots are available in the centers located in South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and Mexico. Moreover, some centers having waiting time for a calendar year in which Hanoi, Osaka, and Mexico City are included.


US Embassy Response  

The embassy has shown that they are working to promote the US study opportunities throughout the globe and the USA student visa services will resume as soon as the circumstances will be normal. However, it has also declared that international students from every corner of the world will be supported by the State Department and the US Embassy. Students who want to get any further consultancy regarding study in the USA are invited to get an appointment with our expert US study abroad consultants to kill all other ambiguities they have in their mind related to Study in the USA or Visa appointment for the USA.


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