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Student Visa for USA

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USA Study Visa

United States is the most popular destination chosen by the international students in order to pursue their education. However, once an admission is secured in a graduate or postgraduate program in an American university the next step is to obtain a student visa.

There are two types of visas and a student has to determine that he is need of which visa to obtain. The description of both of the visas is the following:

1. F-1 Visa

This is the standard type of student visa which is obtained if one intends to pursue academic studies in United States at a renowned university or college or it is an approved English Language Program. In addition this, a visa of this kind is mandatory if the applicant requires to study for more than eighteen hours a week.

2. M-1 Visa 

If the applicant intends to undertake a vocational training or a course at any institution of US the visa that they need is M-1 Visa.

USA Study Visa Apply Process

  • To start with, an applicant needs to complete the visa application form.

  • Subsequent to this visa fee needs to be paid

  • The applicant needs to schedule an appointment by logging into this page #HowtoApply

  • The Applicants need their passport number, the receipt number which has to be traced back from the visa fee receipt and the ten digit barcode which can be retrieved from visa application form.

USA Study Visa Fees

USA study visa cost may vary depending upon the type of study visa, Nonimmigrant USA student visa price from Pakistan is up to 160$.

USA Study Visa Processing Time

As there is no way to get premium processing for USA study visa, so the study visa processing for USA almost takes 3 days to few weeks duration.

USA Study Visa Requirements

In order to obtain any visa amongst the one which are mentioned above the applicant needs to submit certain documents which includes the following:

  • A nonimmigrant visa application form 

  • A passport which is valid for six months minimum from the date the student intends to commence its studies.

  • One passport size photograph taken not less than six months.

  • A receipt showing the deposit of the visa processing fee of US$160 which is non-refundable.

  • A form which is approved by the United States School or the relevant program for which the student is enrolling for. This form is known as Form 1-20.

  • The ten year travel history of the applicant 

  • The personal information of the applicant such as the details of the siblings and children if any.

  • The Applicant needs to demonstrate that they bear strong, financial, social and family ties with their home country which will motivate them to return to their home country after the completion of the studies in United States.

  • The applicant needs to submit financial documents in order to demonstrate that they possess sufficient amount of funds to invest in the initial year of study and to meet the everyday expenses of living in the city. However, the students obtaining M-1 visa need to show that they are capable of bearing the tuition and living costs on their own.

  • Academic documents including transcripts, certificates of O and A Levels, test scores of SAT and TOEFL. In addition to this, if the applicant possess any diploma certificates they should be provided too.

  • Thus, if a student applies for visa following the above mentioned guidelines there is a fair chance that he will be provided one to pursue their studies and fly off to United States.

What is Form DS 160?

Form DS -160 is a nonimmigrant visa application which is electronic. It is the mandatory online application form which is used to collect all of the integral information for those who are seeking nonimmigrant visa for temporary visit to US. It is submitted online to department of state through online portal subsequent to which the information filled in the firm is utilized by the consulates for the progression of the visa application. The information which is provided in this form is co related with the information gathered at the interview by the applicant.

USA Study Visa Appointment

It is compulsory to book an appoint for US visa interview with the US embassy in Pakistan. Applicant must have to check an estimated wait time for interview.

USA Study Visa Interview Questions

Lastly the applicant is required to visit the United States Embassy or Consulate at the given time and date of the interview. Students need to be prepared for interview questions asked by US embassy member. However, there are certain documents which are mandatory for the applicant to bring along with themselves which includes the following:

  • The printed copy of their appointment later 

  • DS 160 confirmation page 

  • The most recent photograph 

  • The applicant’s current and old passports 

  • Lastly the original visa fee payment receipt 

USA Study Visa Without IELTS

  • It is possible for international students to get education in USA without IELTS in the following circumstances

  • English speaking country natives have no need to appear in IELTS/ TOFEL exams

  • If applicant already has get a course degree from USA university/ institute

  • Get admission in USA University for any English language course

  • Some summer programs offered by US universities can be attended without proof of English language proficiency

USA Study Visa Intakes

As the US universities take students two times in a year. The online portal for USA Study visa also open two times in a year. 

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