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You Can Find Affordable Irish Universities Here

Ireland is one of the most stunning nation of the Europe and established its name by taking a special position in the British Island. The choice to study in Ireland is also a best option for many Pakistani students as Ireland universities offer each study course in affordable tuition fee structure.


> Why Ireland?

There are many reasons why Ireland is considered as best study destination apart from the fact that Ireland has universities with affordable fee. Some of the reasons are listed here

  • Education sector in Ireland is the main contributor to Ireland’s improved economy.  

  • Irish universities ranked among the best universities in the world

  • Almost 7 universities of Ireland ranked among top 10 QS ranked universities

  • Educational curriculum of Ireland rated 20th in the world

  • Programs offered for studies are diverse and have excellent international performance expectations

The forefront areas of rassrrch are

  • Social sciences

  • Economics

  • Electronics

  • Classics

> Benefits of Studying In Ireland

There are many benefits for international students who want to study in Ireland some of them are listed below

  • Ireland is enriched in affinity of nature, traditions, cultural values and literature.

  • Dublin has its special position in Ireland as it links with many other European areas and give an open access to students for other European schools.

  • There are 9 main government universities in Ireland

  • A number of good universities and schools are there in Ireland for higher learning

  • Along with tuition fee, living expenses in Ireland for international students are also very reasonable, students can expect to pay 600-1000 Euro per month.

> Application Process For Irish Universities

  • Student’s age limit to apply for admission is 18 years

  • Admission process in Irish universities is not competitive, though different universities have its own admission requirements and criteria

  • Online applications are accepted

  • Teaching medium in Ireland is English, so students have to provide the proof of English language proficiency certificate (IELTS/ TOFEL)

> Top Five Affordable Irish Universities

  • University of Limerick
  • University College Cork
  • Dublin Business School
  • Griffith College Dublin
  • Trinity College Dublin

> University of Limerick

University of Limerick is one of the most popular affordable/ cheap university in Ireland. Some key facts of university are

Tuition fee: 1200 Euro

Total number of students: 16,000

International students: 2400

No of offered courses: 100 degree courses

QS World Ranking: Ranked among 500 universities

Key research departments: Engineering and Technology, Culture, Social Science, Education, Medical Science

> University College Cork

Tuition fee: 10,000 Euro

Total number of students: 20,000

International students: 2500

No of offered courses: 100 degree courses

QS World Ranking: Ranked among 500 universities

Key research departments: Faculty of Nursing and Wellness, Arts, Architecture, Trade and Legislation, Liberal Arts

> Dublin Business School

Tuition fee: 5000 Euro

Total number of students: 9,000

International students: 2000

QS World Ranking: Ranked among 500 universities

Key research departments: Areas of Law, Economy, Taxation, IT, Leadership and Neuroscience, Crafts and Film Studies

> Griffith College Dublin