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New-Zealand Scholarships

latest scholarships in new zealand for PAkistani students

New Zealand ardently invests in A performers international students with an aim to build future leaders and endows them with skills and knowledge to benefit their family and home country.

The OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment, a valid assessment parameter, has ranked New Zealand's education system as the seventh best in the world; with students excelling in mathematics, reading and science. In an analysis released this February, it has been reported that a typical university graduate can earn on average about $1.6 million for lifetime.                                               

Pakistani students should screen the prospects of earning their Degrees through New Zealand best Scholarships for the following exceptional benefits.


Top Universities in New Zealand for International Students:

NCUK University of Waikato Offers Bursary To Degree Level Students

Graduates of NCUK who satisfy the eligibility requirements and plan to pursue a degree at the University of Waikato in New Zealand in 2023 or 2024 are eligible for an infinite number of bursaries. An application is not necessary.

Note that: this bursary is only available to students who can start their studies in person in New Zealand; students who start their studies online will not be eligible for it.


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Financial benefits of New zealand Scholarships for Pakistani Students                                          

The Government of New Zealand provides extra-ordinary financial assistance to all the national and international students. The government doesn’t only provide financial aid to their students but also sometime offers job opportunities to the eligible international candidates. 

There are plenty of aid programs available for international students; you can get this aid from your country, from the institution you attended, scholarships or other valid resources.

Fully funded tuition 

15-days  living allowance to contribute into  basic living expenses

an establishment allowance  to cope the accommodation expenses, text books and other study-based expenses

effective medical and travel insurance policies

incentives and aids to complete research       


Traveling Facilities:

You can travel to and from your home country - at the start of the scholarship, and to return to your home country at the end of your scholarship. Home leave or reunion travel options for some scholarship are also available.


Accommodates Family members: 

New Zealand is a landmark in the field of educational facility provision as this country allows you to accompany your immediate family members and is ready to help you in hunting jobs for them .In addition New Zealand government offers essential health care and educational facilities to the members of the student’s family. Moreover, if you take family members with you can be entitled to get a dependent allowance for the duration of your scholarship.


Safe Atmosphere:

 New Zealand has set standards to guarantee their international students that they are safe, and are properly cared for by their prospective institutes. 


Exceptional Learning opportunities:

New Zealand universities lie under the top 3% of global universities by QS World University Rankings. They are currently ranking as top 50 in 19 subjects like agriculture, finance, and engineering.


Some Popular International Scholarship Program in New Zealand

  • New Zealand Pacific Scholarships

  • New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards

  • New Zealand Regional Development Scholarships

  • New Zealand Development Scholarships

  • New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

  • Short Term Training Scholarship


Dispersed campuses:                                     

The university and polytechnic campuses are dispersed all around the country .Whether it is a big city or remote area the institution is equipped with same contemporary amenities 


Permission to work during studies:

New Zealand educational system allows international students to work for 20 hours per week during the semester and 40 hours per week during the Christmas and New Year’s break. You are not allowed to work during the break in between semesters because is if you are enrolled in any  internship as part of your educational program you might breach it which leads to serious consequences like getting  deported from the country.


English is the medium of communication:

English speaking infrastructure, is the most facilitated reason to study in New Zealand       


Comprehensive and Flexible Study programs

Generally universities and polytechnics in New Zealand offer both degree and professional diploma courses, with flexibility to change the subjects, program or duration of study. 


Globally Recognized Qualifications:

The qualifications are well-recognized internationally and open the gateway to countless career options. 


Work -permit opportunities:                                               

Moreover, if students get a job in New Zealand after completing their course, they can apply for a work permit and stay on. This is a major incentive for study in this verdantly green and clean country

World-class New Zealand Universities granting International Scholarships

  • Auckland University of Technology 

  • Lincoln University 

  • Massey University 

  • University of Auckland 

  • University of Canterbury 

  • University of Waikato 

  • Manukau Institute of Technology 


Read the information at New Zealand website to look for the subject, level and types of Scholarships to decide which is the best option for you?

You can take help from these listings:

  • Education Undergraduate Qualifications Examples List 

  • Education Postgraduate Qualifications Examples List 

  • Health Undergraduate Qualifications Examples List 

  • Health Postgraduate Qualifications Examples List 



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Scholarship Name Country Education Level Apply By
New Zealand Undergraduate 01 Mar 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 02 Feb 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate 21 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 31 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate 15 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate 31 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate 31 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 31 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate 11 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 11 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate 10 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 15 Feb 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 31 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 31 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate 31 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 31 Jan 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate 15 Dec 2023
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 01 Dec 2023
New Zealand Undergraduate 01 Feb 2024
New Zealand Undergraduate, Post-Graduate 30 Nov 2023
New Zealand Doctoral, Post-Graduate 30 Oct 2023
New Zealand Doctoral, Post-Graduate 15 Nov 2023

Latest Universities in New Zealand

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Auckland University of Technology (AUT) 55 Wellesley St East Auckland, New Zealand
Lincoln University Ellesmere Junction Road Lincoln Lincoln, New Zealand
University of Waikato Te Whare Wananga o Waikato Gate 1 Knighton Road Hamilton, New Zealand
Massey University Massey University Tennent Drive Palmerston North, New Zealand
University of Canterbury University of Canterbury Private Bag 4800 Christchurch, New Zealand

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