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How Pakistani Students Can Apply to Study Abroad in 2020 Top Universities

The procedure to apply for studying abroad for Pakistani students depends upon the country to which the student wants to study in.

The requirements and formalities to study abroad clearly differ from university to university. guides the students of Pakistan to study abroad. The admission formalities are simplified for all nations except United States of America but they have be defines clearly for student convenience. The admission information can be accessed from without spending a single penny.


The stages to apply for studying abroad are as follows-

2020 admission guideline for pakistani students to stduy abroad


Selection of the country

the student first needs to clearly mark the list of the nations where they want to study. The student wants to be clear whether they want to study abroad in Canada, USA, UK, European countries or any African nation. Selection of the country would definitely create a path way for the student to follow. The best countries to study abroad are being clearly defined by, this list can help the Pakistani student choose the best.

  There are some countries which are beyond budget but the Pakistani student can look for the cheapest countries to study abroad.


Study Abroad Universities

The student must then short list the universities that fall under their provisions and budget. Study has created abroad universities list that has various filters based on country, study programs. There is something for everyone. The student must check for the eligibilities for that particular university.


Study Abroad Programs

The student must shortlist the programs they want to study. The student can seek help form filters for study programs based on universities.


Study Abroad for Free

There are various countries and universities where there is no tuition and other fee required. The Pakistani student must keep their options open and consider these options too e.g. Germany, Sweden, and Finland etc.


Study Abroad Scholarships

The Pakistani student must apply for the scholarships of all kinds in order to lower their financial burden. The scholarships are of following types as

Entry level scholarships – The student is considered for this scholarships as soon as they are admitted to the university. The student has to define in their application form if they want to be considered for the scholarship.

Application based scholarships – this requires submission of separate application form to the university.

Externally provided scholarships – The scholarships are provided by some organizations or the Government of the country in which the Pakistani student is applying e.g. Australian awards, DAAD scholarship,  Fulbright scholarship and common wealth scholarship etc.


Study abroad consultants

There are large number of certified and registered study abroad consultants available on The student just requires to fill in the form with all the priorities, after which the consultant would contact them.


 Student visa

the student must look into the visa guides of various nations on and apply for visa accordingly.


Free study abroad consultation not just provides guidance for Selection of universities, study programs, visa requirements, and scholarships  but also the student can ask any questions in the FAQ section and our expert consultants would reply to all your queries.


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