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Only Fewer International Students Want To Stay In The Netherlands After Graduation

Because of the negative impact of the Covid-19, only fewer international students want to stay in the Netherlands after completing their graduation in the Dutch Higher Education Institutes. According to a Nuffic survey's latest reports, more international graduates are likely to return their homes after completing their higher education in the Netherlands.

The survey has done by the Dutch internationalization organization during which the answers have taken from 608 international students from 86 different countries. The survey results that only fewer international students are in favour to live and work in the Netherlands. However, the attitude of international graduates is totally different than the students who completed their graduate studies before the crisis.


Students’ Plan After Their Graduation  

Before the pandemic, 57.3% of international graduates had shown their interest to live and work in the Netherlands after their graduate studies. However, the recent survey has shown that the number of international students who want to do the same is decreased to 53.5%. International students are undecided that what should they do after the completion of their studies. Pre-pandemic surveys had shown that only 4.8% of students were unclear about their future goals. However, a recent survey has shown that around 8.1% of students are unclear about their future in the Netherlands.


Non-EU Students Plan For Staying In The Netherlands

Nuffic reveals that as compared to the EU-students, Non-EU students show their interest to apply for the Netherlands residence permit to have a long stay in the Netherlands after completing their higher education. Before the pandemic, 72% of Non-EU students were intended to stay and look for employment opportunities in the Netherlands. However, the number of students is decreased to 56% who are intended to apply for the Netherland residence permit.   

According to the survey, taken by 131 international students with technical degrees, 60% of students want to stay in the Netherlands to start their professional career. However, 52% of students from other areas of subjects are intended to apply for the residence permit. The proportion of international students about career opportunities in the Netherlands has fallen from 57.3% to 45.8%.


Remarks Of Nuffic About The Current Situation  

Jeroen Wienen, the spokesperson of Nuffic while speaking to the media remarked that the difference in the students’ attitude between the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic situations shows that the crises left a highly negative impact. He added that we have to have a suitable plan to facilitate international graduates in the Netherlands.


International Students Contributions To The Netherlands

International students especially Non-EU students contribute highly to the economy of the Netherlands. The Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis 2019 report has shown that an international Non-EU student at the universities of the applied sciences contributes €68,500 to the economy. However, the contribution of a student is €96,300 while studying the research universities.

Each student at the applied sciences university also contributes €5,000 whereas the contribution is increased to €16,900 by the student in the research university. Jeroen Wienen said that the amount will decrease with the decreasing number of international graduates to stay in the Netherlands. 


Latest Updates Of Study In The Netherlands  

The Netherlands is still accepting applications from international students to study in the Netherlands. However, it is also true that the crises of the pandemic have bent the students’ minds to study and living in the Netherlands. Moreover, those who are interested to start their higher education in the Netherlands and want to know whether the option is fruitful for them or not, they are recommended to get the complete consultancy from our expert advisors about their study and living plans in the Netherlands.


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