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Post-Graduate Work Options In UK For International Students

Most of the students who want to pursue higher education frequently choose the UK as their location. The UK presents a special opportunity to study and work in a cross-cultural setting, with universities that are recognized throughout the world and a diverse culture. In this article, we will explore the type of jobs, work opportunities and requirements of working in the UK as an international student.

Can Students Live In UK After Graduation

Mostly students ask “can they work in the United Kingdom even after their graduation?” while applying for study program in UK. The answer is yes after completing their undergraduate or master's degree, international students can apply to stay in the UK for up to two years. PhD graduates can apply to remain for maximum three years in UK.

Benefits Of Post Graduate Work Visa

International students are welcome to apply through the UK Graduate Route Visa to stay in the United Kingdom, by getting this visa

  • They can work or look for work after their graduation.

  • It is an excellent opportunity for international students who want to take employment and grow their career opportunities in the UK.

  • Students will be able to work flexibly and spend their time in developing skills after completion of degree program.

UK Post Graduate Work Visa For International Students



Health Surcharge 

£624/ year

Processing Time 

Eight Weeks 


2-3 years


The UK post-graduation work visa, officially known as “Graduate Route”, allows eligible international students to live and work in UK after their graduation. The graduate route is unsponsored and allows you to gain work experience, undertake an internship or work as a freelancer in the UK. Students are not required to have a job in order to apply for the graduate route, nor are they required to earn a certain minimum wage when they do get a job.

Requirements For Post Graduate Work Visa Application

You can submit an application if your university have informed the home office that you have completed your degree. You don't need to hold on until you have completely graduated or gotten a degree or certificate of completion.

  • You must apply while your passport and student Tier 4 visa is still valid.

  • You must have completed a full-time study program (bachelor’s, masters or PhD) at a UK university or any higher education institution in UK.

  • You also need to provide your biometric residence permit (BRP), if you were granted one when applying for a Tier 4 student visa.

  • Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number, assigned to you when you applied for the Tier 4 (General) student visa.

  • A letter from the sponsoring organization approving your application, if they have paid for your tuition or living expenses in the past year.

  • There is no specific English proficiency test required for graduate route.

  • If the required documents are not in English language you’ll need to provide certified translated documents.

How To Apply For UK Post Graduate Work Visa  

You can only apply for graduate route if you are in UK. No provisions allow you to apply from your home country or any other country other than the UK. If you are currently outside the UK with valid Tier 4 student visa, you must travel to the UK before it expires. Following are steps you need to follow to apply for the graduate route visa:

  • You can apply online, by giving answers to some simple questions.

  • After that you have to create an account at UK GOV home office website.

  • After creating an account you have to scan your biometric residence permit (BRP), if you don’t have a biometric residence permit (BRP) you can select the option “No” while answering the questions.

  • Candidates having no biometric residence permit (BRP) will be called out for an appointment to provide their biometrics.

  • You can start filling out your graduate route application from your UK GOV home office account.

  • You need to submit the scanned copies of all requested documents (mentioned above)

  • Then you have to submit the application processing fee and health surcharge through online payment methods and upload the evidence (receipt) of your payment to your account to successfully submit your application.

  • You will also receive a confirmation email that UK GOV home office have received your post graduate work visa application.

Application Fee Of UK Graduate Route

International students applying for the graduate route/ PGW visa must pay the application processing fee and a health surcharge. The application fee for “Graduate Route Visa” is £715. Candidates have to pay the £624 health surcharge for each year. It means if your graduate Route visa is valid for 2 years, you have to pay £1,248 and if your graduate Route is valid for 3 years then it will cost you £1,872 for the health surcharge. There is no prerequisite to show that you have a specific bank balance to apply for the graduate route visa.

Processing Time For UK Post Graduate Visa

The candidate applying for the UK graduate route must only travel within the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man until the UK Home Office's decision. His application will be renounced if he does. In most cases, candidates receive a decision on their visa within eight weeks after submitting their online application, proving their identity, and providing their documents. Candidates have to remain in the UK until a decision is made.

Validity Of UK Graduate Route

The UK government issues the UK graduate route Visa to candidates just for a limited period of time. The minimum validity of the UK graduate route is 2 years and can also last for 3 years if a candidate has a PhD or other doctoral qualification. Candidates cannot extend their graduate route visa but they can apply for the Skilled Worker visa. Skilled worker visa can last up to 5 years.

Work While Studying In UK


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