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Top 10 Scholarship Programs Around the World That Provide Thousands of Scholarships Every Year to Pakistani and International Students

  1. CSC Scholarship, China

  2. USA Fullbright scholarship Program

  3. Commonwealth Scholarship, UK

  4. Turkey Burslari scholarship, Turkey

  5. Chevening Scholarships, UK

  6. The Gates Millennium Scholarship, USA

  7. Korean Government scholarship Program, South Korea

  8. Italian Government Scholarship, Italy

  9. Australian Government Scholarship, Australia

  10. Rotary Foundation Global study Grant

There are many fully funded scholarships in the world which facilitate thousands of students every year to study abroad. Here at, we are listing top scholarships for Pakistani students around the world.

  1. CSC Scholarship, China:

CSC Scholarship, china is awarded to students of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in CSC affiliated institutes. CSC Scholarship, China is a part of China One Road One Belt initiative. This scholarship is awarded to thousands of international students as well as Chinese students to study in China. Scholarship is awarded in 274 universities of china covering almost every field of study. At, you can get all details of CSC Scholarship and study in china.

  1. USA Fullbright scholarship Program:

USA Fullbright scholarship is awarded to students of 155 countries of the world funded by USAID and academic institutions. Annually, 8000 students from these countries get scholarship in USA. Application procedure and details of USA Fullbright scholarship can be accessed on This scholarship is awarded for research purpose to master and doctoral students in USA.

  1. Commonwealth Scholarship, UK

Common wealth scholarship is awarded by Jointly UK and commonwealth organization to the students of master and doctoral program in developing commonwealth countries, refugee and UK protected countries. Fully funded scholarship is awarded to more than 900 Students from different commonwealth countries.  Every year, thousands of Pakistani Students apply for commonwealth scholarship. 

  1. Turkey Burslari scholarship, Turkey:

         Turkey burslari scholarship is fully funded scholarship award by Turkey Government for international students. Scholarship is given in Top and prestigious 50 institutes of Turkey. Students willing to pursue undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in any field of study can apply for Turkey Burslari scholarship, Turkey. Scholarship is awarded to 5000 students of the world every year. 

  1. Chevening Scholarships, UK

Chevening scholarship, UK is one of the most prestigious scholarships of the world. It is awarded to almost 1500 international students of the world to study in UK. Scholarships are awarded to Master and doctoral level. More details about UK scholarships are available at Chevening scholarship awards full waived off in tuition fee, accommodation and air ticket.

  1. The Gates Millennium Scholarship, USA:

Gates millennium scholarship, USA is fully funded scholarship awarded to 1000 students from all over the world. Scholarship is awarded by Gate foundation. Scholarship is awarded for every institute in USA and aim to cover tuition fee and accommodation expenses of student.

  1. Korean Government scholarship Program, South Korea:

KGSP is awarded to students of Korean friendly nations by the Korean Government. Scholarship is awarded for both graduate and doctoral program. 840 International students from all over the world including Pakistan get benefit from this scholarship. Korean institutes also give thousands of fully funded scholarship to Pakistani scholarship. At, you can get details about fully funded scholarships in Korea.

  1. Italian Government Scholarship, Italy:

Italian government scholarship is awarded to international students which are not Italian citizen. This scholarship is awarded in almost all field of study at any level and covers tuition fee, accommodation and other expenses. This scholarship is awarded hundreds of students from almost all over the world.

  1. Australian Government Scholarship, Australia

There are 23 different scholarships awarded by Australian government to international students. At, you can view these scholarships. Every Year, thousands of scholarship are awarded to international students from all over the world.

  1. Rotary Foundation Global study Grant

This scholarship aims to mobilize the students to study in foreign countries. This scholarship is awarded to master and doctoral programs. Rotary foundation global study grant is awarded to thousands of students who are pursuing their degree in other then their own countries.

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