Study Cost in New Zealand
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Study Cost in New Zealand

Study Cost in New Zealand

Finance is main thing which should be managed in a good way to keep the things running smooth. Study abroad cost is definitely multiplied by the local cost or may be more than that. Your budget should be enough to bear the all costs. When applying for study abroad in any country never forget to manage any expense even if it is of a single penny. Keep your budget enough flexible to meet the expenses of Visa application, Passport fee (if not have already), English Language course fee, accommodation expense, library fee, books cost, fair expense, cost of food, Insurance expense, admission fee, and any other incidental overhead.

The expense of visa can be as:

  • Student Visa: NZ $ 200
  • English test (IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/SAT) is required for the admission and which has also its separate cost. Average cost of a test can be 8,000 to 15,000 PKR.
  • TOEFL - $17 GRE - $15
  • GMAT - $28 SAT - $ 9

Tuition fee is the main expense that requires to be considered before applying in university. In a country, tuition fee may vary according to the area, university/college and the course in which you are getting admission, whereas the expense of food and rent etc. can be $800–$1000 per month. If you are not financially well to pay the fee than you have lots more option. Loans by different government and non-government organization are available, and if you are an intelligent student with strong and out-standing educational background, you will be offered with a number of scholarships that are available for almost every field.

Insurance is compulsory for all international students for their betterment and that can be 15,000–20,000 PKR per year.

International tuition fees are detailed on the course information. The table below provide you a list of Subject wise list of tuition fees for New Zealand Universities.

Table data

Subject Tuition Fees
Business 24,530 NZ $
Health Sciences 27, 720 NZ $
Humanities 22, 050 NZ $
Education 11, 856 & 23, 712 NZ $
Law 25, 200NZ $
Music 26, 416 NZ $
Social Work 23, 712 NZ $
Science 28, 140 NZ $

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