Best Student Cities in Switzerland
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Best Student Cities in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the best study abroad destinations. Thousands of students are heading here to acquire quality higher education with an attractive and beautiful environment. Switzerland is a country with many cities in it. If you want to study abroad in Switzerland, you have to decide a city and university where you will spend next few years of student life.

Switzerland has many great cities and universities that warmly welcome foreign students. Here you can see the Top Universities of Switzerland. Some of the cities in Switzerland are globally recognized best for students because of available opportunities and lifestyle. In this article, you will see the best students cities in Switzerland that are perfect for foreigners to pursue their education.


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1 -   Zurich

Zurich is the best student city Switzerland has to offer. QS ranked Zurich 15th best city in the world for international students. It is also the largest city of Zurich with most and plentiful opportunities. There is no need to tell how beautiful of a place Zurich is, after all it is in Switzerland. This city is full of astonishing landscapes and breathtaking high mountains and hills. That is not just it, you will find the city and modern buildings along with the natural beauties. Switzerland has a historic and interesting culture which they still follow. 

It has the best university of the Switzerland, ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). ETH Zurich was ranked 10th best university of the world by QS Ranking to study in 2018.

The second most top ranked university in this city is University of Zurich (UZH). It is also ranked among the top universities of the world. It was ranked 73rd best university of the world to study in 2018.

Zurich literally has everything a student can wish. It is home to the fourth largest stock exchange in the world. Europe’s richest people are found in this city. That is why, there are plenty of work opportunities for students. The only reason Zurich couldn’t rank even better is because of its high cost of living. Zurich was ranked the most expensive city in the world. However, it is covered because of very low tuition fees in Swiss universities.


Top Universities of Zurich:

1.     ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), ranked 10th best of the world.

2.    University of Zurich (UZH), ranked 73rd best university of the world.


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2 -   Lausanne

Lausanne was ranked 2nd best student city of Switzerland. It is 5th largest city of Switzerland. Just like any other Swiss city, it is also full of natural beauties. Lake Geneva flows side by side the city of Lausanne which escalates its attraction even more. Lausanne is the most culturally rich city of Switzerland. There are numerous ski resorts found here. City is also very popular for its lively arts scenes.

In addition to amazing lifestyle, Lausanne also offers high quality of education. There is a number of higher educational institutes here. Lausanne is home to Switzerland’s 2nd best university, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, which is ranked 12th best university of the world. Second most top ranked university in the city is University of Lausanne. It was ranked 146th best university of the world to study in 2018 by QS Ranking. 


Top Universities in Lausanne:

1.     Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, ranked 12th best university of the world.

2.    University of Lausanneranked 146th best university of the world.


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3 -   Geneva

Geneva is the city where you will find the most international students in Switzerland. It is ranked 3rd best city of Switzerland for international students. Over 30 percent of Geneva’s population is foreigner. This city is also the world’s main centers of diplomacy. Like other cities of Switzerland, Geneva is also one of top destination for tourists attracted by its beauty.

Top ranked university in Geneva is University of Geneva. University of Geneva is 4th best university of Switzerland and 98th best ranked university in the world. Students can easily find great education and a nice place to live. This city is also very expensive. It was said to be 3rd most expensive city in the world. However, it is all covered with very low tuition fees in Swiss universities. 


Top Universities in Geneva:

1.     University of Geneva, ranked 98th best of the world.


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4 -   Bern

Bern is the federal capital and 4th best student city of Switzerland. It is also 4th most populous city of its country. This city so historically cultured that it is in UNESCO’s World Heritage site list. This whole city is surrounded by amazing hills and mountains with plenty of hiking trails. There is River Aare that further adds attraction to the beauty of Bern.

This city is best for students because of its universities and education system. University of Bern is the 7th best university of Switzerland. It was ranked 167th best university of world to study in 2018.


Top Universities of Bern:

1.     University of Bern, ranked 167th best of the world.


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5 -   Basel

Switzerland’s 3rd most populous city, Basel, is ranked to be 5th best student of its country. It is located near the French and German borders affecting its lifestyle and culture in a very positive manner. This city is most suited for students who wish pursue education in the fields of pharmacy, chemistry or arts. Because of significant achievements of its universities in the pharmacy and chemistry, world’s two biggest pharmaceutical companies are found here.

This city is full of art. They have particularly very good taste in music. Moreover, it is a hub of all Swiss cultures. All this makes Basel great for arts students. Its top ranked university is University of Basel, which is ranked at joint 149th in the world. It is the 6th top ranked university of Switzerland.


Top Universities in Basel:

1.     University of Basel, ranked 149th best university of the world.


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