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Study abroad in Switzerland for Pakistani students

The amazing natural beauty and breathtaking views of the magical Alps, the peaceful lakes, quaint arty crafty villages, multiracial cities and towering castles that is just some of what Switzerland has to offer. Add to it some shopping, delectable chocolates and cheeses and it gets even better.

Higher Education System in Switzerland

Swiss Higher Education Institutions have an advisable reputation around the world. Also, seven Swiss Higher Education Institutions are featured in the top 200 of QS World Rankings (2019). It is a country with a long known tradition of higher education. Switzerland’s first university was founded in 1460 at Basel. As a result of encouraged academic progress over the centuries, Switzerland is now home to some of most renowned higher educational systems in Europe.

In terms of by which universities are measured, teaching, knowledge, research and international outlook, Higher Education Institutions in Switzerland have been ranked high in their performance consistently.

High Standards of Living in Switzerland

Cities in Switzerland, houses and food without no doubts are all of top quality. Crime is very low, so you will feel very safe roaming around in the middle of night all alone. There are no beggars on the streets, and everybody around you looks very well off. You can drink from any public water fountain in the city, and all public places are kept very much clean. There are many reasons why Zurich consistently ranks as one of the top 3 cities in the world to live.


Switzerland is really not known for their great weather. It's cold and wet 9 months of a year, and hot and wet for the rest. California boasts of a weather straight out of heaven

Work and Life Balance

People work to live there, 8 to 5 culture is the normal routine, and people don't work on evenings or weekends. This applies not only to office going folks, but also to shopping malls, general stores etc. Minus the bars, cafe’s and restaurants, the entire city of Zurich closes at 7pm on weekdays, and opens only until 4pm on Saturday. Nothing is open on Sundays. Most of the people in Switzerland do at least 2 sports on a regular basis, which also explains why Swiss are so fit.

Public Transport

You are right in the middle of Europe. From Zurich, Germany is only an hour away, France and Italy are 2 hours away, and everything else is not more than a few hours by flight. The trains are all very punctual, and the transportation both, intra-city and inter-city are very good enough. You can pin point any remote location and reach there alone by public transportation easily. Though it's not the part of European Union but Switzerland is the part of Schengen treaty. That means, citizens of visa deprived countries can roam around freely in EU/Schengen territory if they're living or working in Switzerland.

Higher Pay, Lower Taxes and High Cost of Living.

Swiss wages are pretty high. If you're a waiter, you will get paid a minimum wage of around CHF 20 per hour. If you're an engineer or a banker, your salary will be way better than your US colleagues. Of which comparatively, the taxes are quite lower. But Switzerland is country with very high standards of living, which means also high cost of living.


The best of Swiss chocolate is not sold at airports worldwide. In Switzerland, you get to eat Sprungli chocolate, which has its main branch in Paradeplatz, Downtown in Zürich, right in front of Credit Suisse and UBS headquarters, and isn't available outside the country. In Switzerland, you can find variety of good French, Italian and German food as well. And without no doubts, you wouldn't be complaining about the taste

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