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Study abroad in Switzerland for Pakistani students

Switzerland is a place where every single person on this planet cherishes to visit. Studying abroad in Switzerland for Pakistani Students  can proof to be a very good decision depending upon what the student wants to get out of their studies and what they plan on to study.

Study in Switzerland 

  •  For studying in Switzerland the international students must be cherished to know Universities of Switzerland have a very good reputation in the subcontinent, but only a few universities like – University of Geneva, University of Basel, ETH Zurich and Franklin University are known outside of the region.

  • The Switzerland study cost from Pakistan is comparatively cheaper as compared to the other country universities but the cost of living compensates that over, still the student can look for cheaper alternatives as there are option always available.

  • The tuition free universities in Switzerland for international students are either German speaking or French speaking, there are courses that are taught in English but the student requires to do a bit research on that.

  • The regional language is not English therefore the Pakistani student must put in certain amount of effort.

  • If the Pakistani student is looking forward to have a career outside of the region than Switzerland may not be the ideal choice to study abroad.

Best university in Switzerland for Pakistani Students.

Swiss Higher Education Institutions have a great reputation around the world. Almost seven Swiss universities are featured in the top 200 of World Rankings. It is a country with a long known tradition of higher education. Switzerland’s first university was founded in 1460 at Basel. Due to the academic progress over the centuries, Switzerland is now home to some of well - known higher educational systems and top universities in Europe for masters of Pakistani students.

  • ETH Zurich

  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • University of Geneva

  • University of St. Gallen

  • University of Bern

  • University of Lausanne

  • University of Basel

  • University of Neuchâtel

Tuition Free Universities in Switzerland for International Students

At both types of universities public and private the tuition fee is affordable and is the same for European and Non Europeans.

The average tuition fee at the universities are as follows –

         There are universities that charge more to Pakistani students in Switzerland.

How Much International Student Can Earn in Switzerland

Biggest advantage of the studying in Switzerland from Pakistan is the flexibility allowing the internationals student work during their studies. The International student can earn about 20 - 26 CHF an hour that would cover all their living expenses. There are very few countries that allow the international students to work luckily Switzerland is an exception.

Study Abroad Switzerland Reviews by Pakistani students

The various reviews received from the students who have studied bachelors, masters and PhD has been summarized as follows –

  1. Safety - Switzerland being the happiest and safest country in the world are ideal place to study. There are almost zero hate or other types of crimes in Switzerland that is a good news for the Pakistani students to study in Switzerland.

  2. Internships while studying in Switzerland – Most of the courses at the Swiss Universities come with internship opportunity, thus enhancing the career prospects of the student. These internships are of all kinds simply trainings or paid internships. Since the international students are allowed to work in Switzerland from Pakistan while studying therefore they can apply for as many internships they want during the whole time of their course.

  3. Switzerland University Rankings – About 4 universities from Switzerland have made their place in the top 100 universities of the world.

  4. Quality of Education – The innovation and education are the biggest driving forces for the education in Switzerland. Pursuing higher education in Switzerland can bring great career opportunities in the career of the Pakistani students ahead. They help in introducing a global outlook in the student, and help in the students in coming across people from across the globe. Pakistani students can study in Switzerland without IELTS.

  5. Discounts on travelling - the international students are provided with huge discounts. The discount can be up to 50 % .The student discount is usually on Night travel, local transportation, some travels can be absolutely free of cost.

  6. Accommodation at ease – Accommodation is provided on the campus at ease and only low cost along with the food supplies. Student discount is valid if the student moves out of the university hostel.

  7. Innovation at the universities – the universities in Switzerland are a brewing innovation and research. And this research is not just being performed under university supervision but is being funded by many public and private sectors. Switzerland in the recent years have been seen to give tough competition to other countries in the field of innovation and technology. Switzerland University publish very high number of scientific papers each year that have laid great impact in the field.  This is supported by the various initiatives by the various institution in collection of the various resources from across the world – CERN. Three field have seen huge investments coming in from the private sectors these are – chemical, engineering and pharmaceutical.

  8. Career opportunities after studying in Switzerland - The best part about studying abroad in Switzerland for Pakistani student is the career opportunities that comes after the completion of the studies.

Work Permit After Study in Switzerland for Pakistani Students

After completion of the study program in the university in Switzerland the students are allowed to study in the country 6 months after they have completed their education. During this period if the Pakistani student finds a job they can apply for the work permit after their student visa expires.

Pakistani Student Moving to Switzerland

There are a lot of pros and cons of Pakistani student studying in Switzerland. This is the country for the most efficient and effective people. This place is beautiful and will have a good impact on the health of the person. Switzerland is a calm nation and the way of life is overwhelmingly positive. Switzerland is surrounded by Europe and it is made for the people to dwell and prosper.

Swiss Care Student Insurance 

Healt care insurance is compulsory if you live in Switzerland for more then 3 months. You are free to choose the company for the health inusrance. Insurance must cover the Medical illness and the accident. Get the health insurance packages from here, if you want to study and live in Switzerland. 

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