Study Cost in Switzerland
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Study Cost in Switzerland

Switzerland is a great place to study abroad with a number of world’s top ranked universities. Despite all this education cost is very low. However, living cost of Switzerland is considerably very high. This article will give you knowledge of every little expense you will have to face if you study abroad in Switzerland. All expenses of an international student can be divided in two categories.

1.     Education Expenses

2.     Living Expenses


Education expenses include all university charges like tuition fee, registration fee and some other fee university may charge. Education expenses also include the cost of books, notes and projects.

Living expenses are a big problem of an international student in Switzerland. Living expenses include cost of accommodation, food, transportation and every expense one may made for his lifestyle. 


Swiss Visa and Registration Fee Cost

Visa and registration fee of university is usually ignored while estimating study abroad cost. These are some expenses you have to make before you move to the destination. Swiss visa costs 7,100 Pakistani rupees for an adult of Pakistan. If you need to send any documents to Switzerland, embassy will charge 1,100 PKR for that. Here learn complete Switzerland Student Visa Process.

When you are applying for admission to a university, you are required to pay registration or application fee. This application fee costs between 10 - 15 thousand PKR. This is either paid online through Credit Card or you have to submit it in a bank and use the slip as evidence. Here see How to Apply for Study in Switzerland.


University Tuition Fee in Switzerland

University tuition fees are very much affordable for all students even if they are from a developing country. Tuition fee is decided by the institute, however, there is a maximum limit which they don’t exceed. Tuition fee cost is dependent on whether the institute is public or private. Private universities in Switzerland cost a little more than public institutions. Here also Top Universities of Switzerland.


Tuition Fees Public Swiss Universities

Following table shows approximate tuition fees for different programs in Switzerland. Some universities may charge a little extra from foreigner students.


Bachelor and Master Programs

1.7 Lac PKR per year

PhD Degrees

10 - 20 Thousand PKR per year

Some disciplines i.e. Medicine

Up to 18 Lac PKR per year


Tuition Fees in Private Swiss Universities

Private universities are not funded like public institutions. They are usually made for business purposes. These universities have liberty of deciding any tuition fee they want. This is why, we can’t exactly be sure how much a private institute may cost. Swiss private universities usually cost anything between 1.7 lac to 17 lac PKR. However, PhD students are still very much in benefit. As PhD students in Switzerland are even paid for their work.


Student Living Cost in Switzerland

Switzerland is a wonderful but expensive country to live in. However, nothing is unaffordable. Zurich (city in Switzerland) was named the most expensive city in the world, followed by Geneva, named third most expensive city. Living expenses include many things each with its own value. Usually living expenses comprise:

1.    Accommodation/ Residence

2.    Food and Snacks

3.    Transportation

4.    Clothing

5.    Health

6.    Entertainment


Cities also have difference in cost of living. Some cities may be expensive or cheaper than the others. It matters a great deal which city in Switzerland you choose as your destination. Geneva and Zurich are the most expensive cities in Switzerland. Here also see Best Student Cities in Switzerland.A student will need to have a monthly budget of at least 12 lac PKR which will also cover accommodation, food and extra activities. Following table shows an estimated monthly living cost of most famous student cities in Switzerland.



Approximate Monthly Living Cost


20 – 21 Lac PKR


15 – 21 Lac PKR


13 – 14 Lac PKR


11 – 12 Lac PKR



Student Accommodation Cost in Switzerland

According to MasterPortal, accommodation takes about 33% of a student’s monthly budget. It is safe to assume that this may be the biggest expense students will have to face while studying in Switzerland. Life quality in Switzerland is wonderful so you will most probably be satisfied with accommodation. This cost depends on the type of accommodation you choose for yourself. Students have two options here.

1.  Student Halls of Residence

2.  Rent an Apartment


Depending on the university, student dorm cost between 45 – 99 thousand PKR per month. These university hostels are the cheapest way of accommodation for students. Other way is to rent or share an apartment or house. This can cost more but you have to the option to choose a residence according to your comfort level. A one-bedroom apartment costs between 80 – 100 thousand PKR per month. Here learn How to Get Accommodation in Switzerland.


Food Cost in Switzerland

Food cost can be as expensive as you want however, it has a minimum limit. One should never pull hand when it comes to food and eat healthy. Following table shows the places you can eat from and how much they cost. It is clear that living in university has its perks.


Shopping form supermarket

22 – 35 thousand PKR per month

Meal from low-cost restaurant

15 – 28 hundred PKR per meal

Meal from university dining hall

8 – 9 hundred PKR per meal


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Additional Expenses

These expenses also have as much importance as any other. First comes the transportation which can saved if you live inside the university. However, you will need to go out of the university. Then it is compulsory for every international student to have a health insurance. Books, notes and stationary items are also a necessity. Following table shows cost of these additional expenses.


Public Transportation

4 – 5 thousand PKR per month

Health Insurance

36 – 41 thousand PKR per month

Books, Notes, Stationary etc.

approximately 11 thousand PKR per month


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