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best consultants in Faisalabad to study abroad for Pakistani students

There are many students from Pakistan who choose to study abroad. According to the Institute of International Education, Pakistan is one of the top 20 countries of origin for international students worldwide. Many Pakistani students choose to study in abroad countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and China. Choosing the right consultant can greatly enhance the study abroad chance for Pakistani students.

Study Visa Consultants In Faisalabad 

Study consultants in Faisalabad provide students with valuable guidance and support throughout the entire process, from researching universities and programs, to preparing for and taking tests, to completing the visa application. Study visa consultants in Faisalabad can assist students with obtaining a visa to study abroad. So look for an education consultant in Faisalabad with a good track record and experience in helping students from Pakistan obtain study visas.

Top Study Abroad Consultants In Faisalabad

A good consultant can provide students with valuable guidance and support throughout the entire process, from researching universities and programs, to preparing for and taking tests, to completing the study abroad application. Best consultants for study abroad should be transparent and honest about the process and the likelihood of success. So keep in mind the consultant should have good reputation and experience, you are going to choose for study abroad journey. List of top study abroad consultants in Faisalabad is as follows


  • AA Education Consultant

  • Aasma Legal Help in Faisalabad

  • Abroad Begins

consultants in Faisalabad

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If you are looking for consultants in Faisalabad, you most probably are well aware of this City. Study Abroad has a number of registered consultants in Faisalabad. These consultants have been providing their services, helping many students achieve their life time dream of Studying Abroad for many years.

All Study Abroad consultants have their full profile on our site. You can click any Consultant and you will have their complete information including their address and services. Following is a list of all our Consultants registered with

You can see more detail and amazing pictures of Faisalabad below Consultants’ list.

Faisalabad is the third major city in Pakistan, the second leading in the province of Punjab after Lahore, and a major industrial core in the heart of Pakistan.

Faisalabad is also recognized as the Manchester of Pakistan, Faisalabad is considered as a vital industrial city west of Lahore. The city is at a road and railway connection, which has played a powerful role in the expansion of Faisalabad's trade and economy.

The nearby landscape, irrigated by the Lower Chenab River, has seen prolonged production of cotton, wheat, sugarcane, vegetables, and fruits, which form 55% of Pakistan's exports.

The city is considered an industrial core with major railway repair work area, engineering works, and sugar mills, flour, and oil seed. Produce includes tremendous phosphates, cotton and silk textiles, hosiery, dyes, industrial chemicals, beverages, apparels, pulp and paper, printing, agricultural equipment, and ghee. Faisalabad is the site of the high-status University of Agriculture.

The population of Faisalabad has a literacy rate of 44% approximately, with a division of male 70% and 30% for females. There is an array of students of universities who visit abroad for higher studies mostly for PhD. Educational institutes of Multan also offers different scholarships to their students with the help of foreign institutes that they make sure study abroad for their successful future.

A consultant network is also working for guiding and providing information to students for study in foreign countries. They specially organize different types of events, seminar and expos to facilitate the students. Mostly renowned or big names arrange these types of events. A consultant actually guides students about your study track in abroad.

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