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Estimated Study and Living Cost in Austria for Pakistani Students

latest estimated cost of study and living in austria for Pakistani students

Austria is well heeled country with exceptional higher education system. The living and study costs in Austria for international students are considerably low than other European countries despite having been known as an expensive tourist destination. The accommodation cost is affordable in Austria but the cost of food is high especially in winter season when fresh fruits and vegetables are deficient. The EU and EEA students can study free of cost or in low cost in public universities of Austria. While Non-EU students have to pay tuition fee and accommodation charges which are also not very high cost. International students are allowed to work 20 hours a week in Austria and they are paid enough to afford their living expenses. On average the living costs and study costs in Austria are estimated for your discernment in the following guide.

Cost of Study in Austrian Universities for Pakistani Students 

The public universities in Austria charge low cost tuition fees than private universities.

Fee of Public Universities of Austria for International Students

If you are coming from EU then study in Austrian public universities is free of cost or low cost. Some public universities charge 363 EUR per semester from EU students as well. Especially for the programs of applied sciences the public universities charge tuition fee. But those coming from Non-EU countries have to pay on average 363.36-726.72 Euros per semester tuition fee and accommodation charges are not included in it. The fee can be different depending on the study program and academic level. (Visit Admissions Section to Get Details about Requirements of Austrian Universities)

Fee of Private Universities of Austria for Pakistani Students

The private universities in Austria set their own fee packages for EU and Non-EU students/. The tuition fee can vary from one university to another. But on average private universities in Austria charge from 1,000 EUR to 40,000 EUR/year. The fee can be different for program to program. Especially for Post Graduate Programs such as Masters and PhD the fee can be charged quite high.

Scholarships and Funding by Austria for Pakistani Students

There are many private and public organizations that offer scholarships and financial aid to international students for studying in Austria. The eligibility to avail scholarship can be known from your selected university’s information office. Here are list of scholarships programs in Austria for International students.

  • OFID Scholarship for International Students in Austria 2019/20 (The OPEC Fund for International Development gives financial aid to students belonging from developing countries to study in Austria. The eligibility criteria can be known from OPEC website.

  •  Summer Undergraduate Fellowships at Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria, (Applicants from around the globe can apply for this scholarship program. The eligibility criteria to avail this scholarship can be known from website of  Vienna Biocenter Summer School in Austria)

  •  ÖAW ESQ Open Call for PostDoc Fellowships for Experienced International Researchers in Austria, 2019 (Researchers from around the globe are invited to avail this scholarship. The eligibility criteria to avail this scholarship can be known from ESQ website)

  • Full and Partial Master Scholarships for International Students at MODUL University Vienna in Austria, 2019 (International students from anywhere in the world can apply for MODUL University’s scholarship the eligibility criteria from the University’s website. It is a private university of Austria)

  • Helmut Veith Stipend for Female in Computer Science at TU Wien in Austria, 2019 (this scholarship is for Masters in Computer. The applicants can belong to any nationality and must note that it is only for female student intending to do Masters in Computer Science or other Computer Science Majors).

Tuition fee of Austria’s Top Ranked Universities for International Students

  • University of Vienna: On average per semester fee for Non-EU students is 726.72 Euro. The fee can be different for different academic programs and levels

  • University of Innsbruck: On average the per year tuition fee is around 1,450 Euros/ per year

  • Vienna University of Technology: On average the per year tuition fee is around 1,500 EUR/year

Estimated Cost of Living in Austria 

The cost of living is dependable on your chosen location and city in Austria. The accommodation rents and cost of other facilities are naturally high in urban cities. In rural areas the cost of living is notably low. A person’s lifestyle and spending habits also radically affect day to day expenses. As an international student residing in Austria for Bachelors course you are allowed to work 10 hours a week and as a Masters or PhD student you are allowed to work for 20 hours a week. The general daily routine living expenses including rent are estimated below:

Accommodation Rent

On Campus: The university accommodation will be least expensive option for international students. The rents can be different from one university to another but on average the rent can be between 250 Euros to 400 Euros.

One Bedroom Apartment in an Urban City like Vienna:  The rent will be between 600 Euros to 800 Euros.

One Bedroom Apartment in Rural Areas or Small Town: The rent will be between 500 Euros to 700 Euros.

Three Bedroom Apartments in an Urban City: The rent will be between 1200 Euros to 1600 Euros.

Three Bedroom Apartments in Rural Areas or Small Town: The rent will be between 1000 Euros to 1200 Euros.

Food and Drinks

One time meal in a restaurant for one person: 12 Euros

Coke/Pepsi Can: 2.64 Euros

A Bottle of Water: 2.09 Euros

1 Liter Milk: 1.08 Euros

Loaf of Bread: 1.83 Euros

Rice (1 Kg): 1.83 Euros

A Dozen Eggs: 2.99 Euros

1 Kg Chicken: 10.32 Euros

1 Kg Beef: 17.04 Euros

1 Kg Apples: 2.34 Euros

Onion 1 Kg: 1.32 Euros

Potato 1 Kg: 1.47 Euros

Tomato 1 Kg: 2.24 Euros


One way ticket in a public transport will cost: 2.40 Euros

Monthly Pass of Public Transportation: 45.30 Euros

Taxi Rate per Ride on Average: 4.00 Euros

Monthly Utility Bills 

Combine basic bills of electricity, heating, cooling and water per month on average cost: 177.58 Euros

Per month internet bill for 60 Mbps speed: 29.47 Euros

Entertainment and Recreational Expenditures

Cinema Ticket: 10.00 Euros

Fee of Joining a Fitness Club per Month: 30.12 Euros

Student Concessions

International or local students are being given concessions on transport, cinema tickets and on entry tickets of recreational and historical venues. The students can use their university identity cards to avail student concessions.

Per Month Expenses of an International Student Residing in Austria:

On average an international student can expect per month expenses to be around 900 to 1200 Euros. If you live in shared apartments or university accommodation then this cost can be cut even lower.

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